You’ll love this edition of Friday Mud…guaranteed

November 18, 2011 | Drew Forrester

It’s a special day at WNST.

First, it’s Friday, which means “Friday Mud” is returning to its comfortable spot…right here at

And it’s November 18.

You know what that means?

It means the ever-so-talented Victoria Vox will be in studio with me today – Friday – from roughly 8am-10am, playing her ukulele and signing some great songs for us as we bring our canned food drive to a conclusion.

I first heard Victoria one day while I was driving into work.  I didn’t know who it was, so I quickly called the WTMD on-air number and asked Eric the-morning-DJ who that was that I had just heard?  “Oh, the female singer?  That was Victoria Vox,” he said.  “She’s awesome.”  And I was hooked.  She’s Natalie Merchant-meets-Joni Mitchell-meets Michelle Shocked.  At least that’s what I think.

We’re in party mode these days, what with the holidays up coming and all, but we’re also knee-deep in a 6-week period where we’re trying to really do some good for those in our community who are less fortunate.  Please help us with our next charitable endeavor which starts this coming Monday, November 21.  We need your old/discarded coats, winter clothing and winter accessories.  Before you throw that stuff away because you haven’t worn it in years, bring it by the radio station between November 21 and December 16. We’ll take every item to the Helping Up Mission in downtown Baltimore on Tuesday, December 20.

Happy Friday.

Enjoy your Mud.


>  The Ravens held their “Secret Santa” drawing earlier this week and one player drew the name of David Reed.  Everyone had a giggle for a minute and then the player quietly came up to me and said, “What do you get for a guy like Reed?  He has everything. A great car, a killer stereo, a gigantic big-screen TV in his house, a hot tub…I mean, what do I get him?”  I said, “It doesn’t have to be some kind of huge gift.  Go with the less-is-more theory.  Think about giving him THIS.”

>  By now, you’ve probably heard the Dan Duquette quote from earlier this week.  In case you haven’t, here’s what it consisted of…when asked about the Orioles’ interest in signing free agent pitchers, Duquette remarked, “We’ll have to wait and see how the sharks feed and then we’ll wait and see what’s left over.”  That, of course, is code word for:  “We’re not going to really try and sign any good pitchers.”  OK, then, how about pitchers on the next level?  Is that a possibility?  My spies tell me the Orioles are actually looking at a veteran pitcher who has performed admirably in some big game situations.  I dug up his old baseball card from when he was with Cleveland.  Don’t you agree?  THIS GUY would be a typical Orioles signing later this month.

>  So here come the Bengals, huh?  Speaking of the Bengals, whatever happened to THIS CLOWN?  Oh, that’s right, he’s in New England. Hmmm…when they go on the road, do they buy an extra ticket on the airplane for his tail that is permanently stuck between his legs?

>  In case you were in a cave Tuesday night, Coach K became college basketball’s all-time winningest coach in a victory over Michigan State.  I thought long and hard about trying to be a sneak and insert some kind of picture of Coach K here and create a long-winded ploy to get Glenn Clark to open up the picture and see Coach K’s smiling face.  But then I figured, why torture poor Glenn?  He doesn’t deserve to see that.  In fact, no decent Maryland fan deserves to see that, me included.  So I took the high road and deleted the Coach K picture.  Instead — and I want you to trust me, there is NOT a Coach K picture here – I figured I’d just put THIS PHOTO in Friday Mud instead.  See, I’m a man of my word…

>  You’re not able to make it out to the studio on Friday and you’re too lazy to “youtube” Victoria Vox?  Fair enough.  I’ve done it for you.  Here she is — THE GREAT VICTORIA VOX.

>  I’m still in the midst of my “Top 10 Winners of the last 20 years” list (in professional team sports) and it’s now on to #7.  Remember, #10 was Drew Brees, #9 was Greg Maddux and #8 was Ray Lewis.  The guy in the 7th spot…well…all he’s EVER done is win.  In fact, there’s an argument he’s probably a better winner than he actually is a player.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a Hall of Famer, for sure, but this dude is a flat-out winner.  And remember, it’s not JUST about winning per-se.  It’s how he won.  It’s doing it with class and integrity.  This guy has always been able to rise above the fray.  While others were in hot water or on the front page of the newspaper or the top story on ESPN, he was always able to somehow put his career and reputation first and and the rest of it — well, he left the whole getting-in-trouble thing for others around him.  “Born a winner” is my guess.  On June 26, 1974, God was looking through his daily list of things-to-do and said, “Oh, yeah, that kid in Pequannock, New Jersey who is being born today?  I think I’ll make him a winner.”  So that’s what happened.  THIS GUY is one of the great winners of the last 20 years.  He’s #7.

>  Last Friday, I went on the air and offered a ” guarantee” that the Ravens would win in Seattle.  I went on to say that if the Ravens didn’t win, I’d never guarantee a game again.  So this week, with Cincinnati in town, I won’t guarantee a Ravens win.  I’m going to SUPER-GUARANTEE a win, which I’ve never, ever, ever, EVER done before.  Yep, that’s right.  I’m offering a super-guarantee.  I’m calling this one a “breeze” game.  As in…”it’ll be a breeze”.  Ravens 24 – Bengals 9.  Ain’t the beer cold?

>  Let’s face it, the position of Ravens offensive coordinator is the team’s biggest lightning rod.  And most everyone in town assumes Cam will not return next season unless Baltimore wins the Super Bowl in February.  I say the Ravens should be proactive with the search for a new offensive coordinator.  No sense in waiting around until January to start throwing names out there.  In fact, I have an absolutely perfect name to throw in the hat for consideration.  Funny enough, the Ravens could do some corporate downsizing and have THIS GUY occupy two positions in the organization.

> There’s good news for one group of people in Pennsylvania.  With the shocking story coming out of State College, PA, there’s a new state villain.  That, of course, would be Jerry Sandusky, who is certainly public enemy #1 in the Keystone State now.  He replaces THIS GROUP who held the title as meanest people in the state of Pennsylvania for about the last 30 years.

>  Hey, LOOK RIGHT HERE, it’s a bunch of people practicing to be Luke Jones at an Orioles press conference.

>  A lot of professional sports teams have taken to giving their new players and employees personal gifts upon their signing or hiring.  Most of those books are of an inspirational type, designed to get those first few days in the company off to a productive start.  The Orioles, in fact, are following suit.  Last week, their two newest employees, Dan Duquette and outfielder Scott Beerer, were given THIS BOOK right here.  Welcome to Birdland, boys.

The Shoot Section (where I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…)

I joked about it above with the Luke Jones “hand raised” reference, but it’s really NOT a joking matter.  In case you missed it, at last Tuesday’s Dan Duquette’s introductory press conference, WNST’s Luke Jones was not allowed to ask a question during the open Q & A session.  The moderator of the event buzzed around the room, selecting media members who had their hand raised and allowing him/her to ask Duquette a question.  Luke patiently waited for his turn – hand raised, of course – but the Orioles refused to acknowledge him and instead gave several media members TWO questions while not allowing Jones to ask his question of Duquette.  I can only assume the Orioles do not believe in a higher authority.  They must not believe in karma.  And I say that because no one in their right mind would tiptoe the line of decency like those people do and still expect good things to happen to them.  You want the real truth?  As harsh as it sounds.  You ready?  The Orioles don’t DESERVE good things to happen to them.  It’s moments like last Tuesday, where they take a guy who has EVERY reason to be there – unlike others who were in the room, coffee-getters and envelope-lickers and employees-in-law of the club – and ignore his RIGHT to ask a question of the newest team employee.  It’s with that mindset – where they’ll suppress anyone they don’t approve of in advance – that plays a role in the team going 65-97 every year.  I applaud the baseball gods for what they’ve done to the Orioles.  They’ve taken moments like what happened to Luke Jones and they’ve said, “Until those a**holes in Baltimore learn how to treat people, we’ll just keep torturing their franchise every summer.”  The baseball gods have big balls.  If only the baseball TEAM in town did.