Duquette speaks out about the Orioles — on a Boston station

November 19, 2011 | Drew Forrester

(page 2) press conference four years ago…”Guys, I just go get baseball players.  I don’t want to be involved in marketing and PR and the decisions made by the front office about all that stuff.”

That was MacPhail.  He didn’t want to tackle the white elephant in the room.

I wonder what Duquette thinks about it all?

I’m curious.  Will Dan Duquette stand up to the folks in The Warehouse and tell them how foolish they are for restricting him in the market that is supposed to be the supporting foundation of the club?

Or will he too simply go with the flow and not challenge his new employer?

I won’t stop harping on this, in the same way I wouldn’t stop harping about putting BALTIMORE on the road jerseys 4-5 years ago…because I know without any doubt at all that I’m right.

This sort of neanderthal behavior — not allowing your GM to be on the radio ANYTIME someone in Baltimore wants him – is simply unacceptable.

It’s particularly laughable in today’s world of social networking when Duquette’s words would not only be heard by the folks actually LISTENING right then, but anyone else on Twitter or Facebook who got the hand-me-down quotes minutes later.

Most of the apologists in town just don’t get it.  The folks at Orioles Hangout don’t understand.  The employees-in-law at MASNSports.com can’t grasp it.

But I know who has figured it all out.

The people who don’t go to the games anymore.

They’ve made the voice and opinion well known by failing to show up to the ballpark.

And if the Orioles had any real interest in seeing the crowds bubble up again, they’d change their archaic ways and start embracing the local media instead of alienating them.  But we all know the dirty little secret.  The Orioles don’t really need the crowds to go up anymore, because they’re feasting on that cable TV money that gets served up to them on the 1st of every month.

Someday, they’ll wise up.

Maybe Dan Duquette will be the guy to say, “Really?  We’re afraid of the local media?  I’ll talk to anybody…”

Or maybe not.

And until this whole charade changes and those charlatans start treating everyone in the local media with the same respect they treat the guys in Boston, I’ll be here about 2-3 times a year to offer you a friendly reminder that everything is still the same.

The Orioles, as of November 19, 2011 still don’t get it.