Friday Mud is never “over the line!”

December 02, 2011 | Drew Forrester

December has arrived.

Another year nearly in the books.

But there’s still plenty of good stuff going on in these parts, starting with the big college football playoff game tomorrow at Johnny Unitas Stadium between Towson and Lehigh.  I’ll be there, for sure, and hope you will be, too.  I’ve followed Towson football for the better part of a decade now, so I’ve seen it all.  Lots of losses, some of them lopsided, and more than one or two moments where I said to myself, “What on earth am I doing coming over to here watch this debacle?”  But I stuck it out…because I like all of the local colleges, and I’ll get a mini-reward of sorts on Saturday when I get to witness the playoff game first hand.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Paul Hewitt in his initial visit to the Towson Center as he brings George Mason in to take on Towson Saturday evening.  If you’re going to the football game Saturday afternoon, keep your ticket stub in a safe place.  If you show it at the doors of the Towson Center, you get in the hoops game for free.

Sunday in Cleveland, the Ravens look to move to 9-3 against the Browns.  I won’t be there for that one.  I’m on a self-imposed refusal to visit Cleveland until the band RUSH is admitted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.  It’s probably not Cleveland’s fault, per-se, but someone has to be punished for quite possibly the great Hall-of-Fame oversight – sports, music, acting, etc. – in the history of the planet.  So…until RUSH gets in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, I will not set foot in the city of Cleveland.

All of this talk about the weekend reminds me…it’s time for Friday Mud.


> The Orioles figure Dan Duquette is going to take them to the promised land.  I hope they’re right.  But I have a bad feeling they’re going to find out what we already know.  They’re going to FIND OUT THIS.

> After searching long and hard, I finally found two sexy female supporters of the Flyers.  I know what you’re thinking — “Come on Drew, we’ve seen this act before…you’re going to make us click on a picture of those two sexy Flyers fans and they’re going to both be dogs, literally.”  No, I’m not doing that, although I’ll admit it’s something I’ve done before.  You see, I’m turning over a new leaf.  I seriously have the girls who finished 1-2 in the recent “Miss Flyers” contest.  I do.  HERE IS THE GIRL who finished #2.  Go ahead, click on it.  You see, I’ve gone legit.  And if that little hottie was #2, what does #1 look like? SHE  LOOKS LIKE THIS.

> You knew that was coming.  And I know you laughed a little.

>  Glenn and I got into an interesting discussion on Thursday, tossing names back and forth of potential coaches at College Park in the event Maryland decides to jettison Randy Edsall.  I threw out three names and after much discussion, the guy I tabbed as a potential successor (and this is ALL just pie-in-the-sky-stuff, Edsall’s not going anywhere) for Edsall is THIS MAN right here, the current defensive coordinator at LSU, John Chavis.  Glenn went with THIS GUY.

>  I’m beginning to worry about the Ray Lewis toe injury.  Shouldn’t we at least be considering something dramatic for Lewis?  Maybe, even, toe replacement?  What?  You’ve never heard of toe replacement?  Yep, it’s happening everywhere now.  Hell, you want a toe…I can get you a toe by 3 o’clock.  Don’t believe me?  RIGHT HERE IS THE GUY who can get you the toe.  (NOTE: Language might not be safe for work or children)

> Capitals GM George McPhee called Dale Hunter last week while he was contemplating making a coaching change and asked Hunter to forward his resume’ over so he could share it with owner Ted Leonsis.  My spies down at the Verizon Center snagged the Hunter resume’ and I have it POSTED RIGHT HERE.  Hired.  On the spot.

>  My buddy Jerry Coleman – formerly of Fox 1370 – proves it…white men can jump, as HE SHOWS YOU RIGHT HERE.

>  It’s time for me to reveal #6 on my Top 10 “Winners” list over the last 20 years in professional team sports.  You’ll recall #10 was Drew Brees, #9 was Greg Maddux, #8 was Ray Lewis and #7 was Derek Jeter.  The man who is at #6 is a two-time champion and one of those once-in-a-generation athletes who defies the odds by not having the prototype skill set that is typically required from a player in his position.  This player actually fits the list to a tee, for he’s more of a winner than he is a great player.  Take him away from his team and they’re immediately a non-contender.  No sense in delaying it any further.  Number six on the list is a villain of ours in Baltimore, but the dude is a flat-out winner…period.  Introducing THIS MAN.

>  Gotta hand it to Dan Duquette.  He’s reportedly using some new and interesting tactics to woo potential big name free agents to Baltimore this winter.  In fact, his first move at the winter baseball meetings in Dallas was to give power-hitting first baseman Prince Fielder a night out on the Orioles team boat, SEEN RIGHT HERE…with all of the expenses for food, drink and boat captain picked up by the Orioles.  Nice touch, Dan.

>  Hey, if it works for Tim Tebow on the field, it might work for THIS GUY in his front lawn.  It’s worth a shot…

>  They’re gonna miss him coaching down in D.C.  Some folks thought he was over-rated, but I thought he was a guy who always got the best out of his players.  I like to remember him in the good times, LIKE THESE RIGHT HERE.


The shoot section (where I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…)

I need to take a minute to give recognition to the folks who attended last Saturday’s Towson basketball game that featured a visit from President Barack Obama and his family.  I was concerned leading up to the game that a few non-Obama supporters might spoil the day with booing or catcalls or even protest signs of some sort.  On the contrary, every single person in the facility showed the President the respect he and his family deserved.  Whether or not you agree with the decisions he’s made and whether or not you approve of the job he’s done thus far, standing and applauding him as he enters a public building is the proper way to greet the person in charge of our country.  It was refreshing to see the 3,000 people in the Towson Center stand in unison and welcome him in and then, again, as he was leaving at the game’s conclusion.  It was a great day for Towson University…and an impressive one for the people who treated the President with the respect he should get.