Yes, is offering trips, parties and lodging in New England

January 16, 2012 | WNST Trips

Yes, is offering trips, parties and lodging in New England...just click here for all of the details!

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  1. barnyard Says:

    Why bother to spend the $$ & be crushed? If the Ravens play like they did yesterday, they will get their Dic’s kicked loose in Foxboro. Where is Haloti Nagta, Pernnel Mc Phee, Suggs, Kruger & co? The O killed yesterday & all this talk about correcting mistakes & getting better is pure B.S. man. It’s the end of the season & by now the players should get it. Flacco vs Brady? C’mon, Brady already knows what he’s gonna do when back peddling into the pocket. Joe, wait’s until he’s there, that’s one difference. Joe’s tough & durable but just doesn’t compute with the likes of an elite Q.B. ….Where were the tight ends yesterday, the other W.R.? They all couldn’t get separation? In summary, if a pro team can’t gain six inches for a touchdown, then they don’t deserve to win period. Ray, Ed, time to say goodbye. You guys are great but time is not your friend & we need a new O.C. Cameron has squandred these guys best years & if we had a guy like Sean Payton, we would have won possibly two S.B. or at least made it to the big game.

  2. karl m Says:

    what does the pep rally include with price of 15.95 , does it include food or drinks, thanks for setting up this road trip, this is going to be a great time.

    thanks again go ravens

  3. Ravenfnatic Says:

    Barnyard, you don’t know what you talking about! Texans have a very good D… The Pats do not… It will be a much better Offensive performance against the Pats… Just hope our D can play as good as they did yesterday

  4. Ravenfnatic Says:

    Unable to load all the trip info on the mobil website…

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