Buck’s JV lineup on Sunday in Toronto was a mistake

April 16, 2012 | Drew Forrester

A funny thing happened on Sunday when Buck Showalter decided to throw out a JV lineup with the hope of losing a throw-away game in April.

The Orioles lost.

And in the process, Showalter saw his team’s former first-round draft pick lose his 11th straight game.  And the loss cost his club a chance to sweep an American League East opponent on the road.

Yes, I know it’s April.  Yes, I’m aware it’s the first road series of the season.  Yes, I fully realize it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

But why put out the JV lineup yesterday?

Eight games into the season and four of the team’s best hitters needed a day off?  Really?

They just had a day off on Thursday.

I don’t understand how players “need a rest” ten days into the season.

And I can’t for the life of me figure out why Buck would send out a B – lineup knowing that Brian Matusz is as desperate for a win as Van Halen is for a hit record.

Or is Matusz not all that important?  Why not go hard and try get a win for him and see if that doesn’t shake him out of his doldrums?  Give Arrieta the scrub lineup tonight in Chicago and ask him to make chicken salad out of chicken-you-know-what.

Sweeping Toronto in their stadium early in the season could have been a terrific message for the Birds to send around the American League East.

Instead, Showalter sent this message:  “My players need a day off.”

I’m not sure why Buck wouldn’t have said, “Look, I know some of you are fatigued and all, but let’s get this sweep out of the way and then you can all lay in a hammock in Chicago on Monday and I’ll play Endy Chavez and Ronny Paulino and Nick Johnson.”

One day meant that much difference?

I just don’t get it.