Drew’s Morning Dish – Mon., April 15

April 15, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Greg Norman couldn’t do it.

But the guy all of Australia said was “the next Greg Norman” finally did.

Good on ya mate.

Adam Scott proved once again what anyone who plays golf seriously already knew.  It always comes down to putting.  Scott’s 20-footer at 18 in regulation, the 4-footer at the first playoff hole, and the 12-footer that won him the green jacket were all putts he’ll remember forever, particularly since two of them were of the “miss or go home” variety.

That he coughed up the British Open in the final hour last July makes Sunday’s win at the Masters even more gratifying.  He won’t be this generation’s Colin Montgomerie, a player with great talent who brushed up against a major title or two but never could close the door.  Now, with this win, Scott likely will be a force in major championship golf for as long as puts in the work that’s required to win one of golf’s four majors.

He’s no longer “the best player without a major championship”.

That’s a great way to wake up on a Monday morning.


Good luck Alex Len.

You’re gonna get your feelings hurt, kid.


Don’t look now, but if the season ended today (man, I HATE when people say that…it’s NOT ending today), Clay Buchholz of the Red Sox would be your Cy Young winner.  In three starts, his ERA is 0.41 and his WHIP is 0.95.  He can’t pitch every day, though, which means the Red Sox are doomed for a .500 or so finish.  But for years, people have been talking about this guy as a Cy Young-type and in 2013, albeit over three starts, he’s showing that form.


I completely understand (I don’t like it — but I understand) why the folks at Augusta didn’t DQ Tiger Woods on Saturday morning.  They took the liberty of invoking  a new rule put in place by the R&A and the USGA in 2011 that basically says “a penalty of disqualification can be waived if the circumstances are deemed extraordinary…”  In this case, it would appear as if Tiger not knowing the rules — or, admittedly, trying to nudge his way past one of the one without anyone noticing — is now an “extraordinary circumstance”.  And, further, it would appear that Augusta National’s inability to correctly deal with Tiger’s rules blunder on Friday afternoon is also now labeled “an extraordinary circumstance”.  I’m a big Tiger Woods fan, but the fact he played in the Masters on Saturday and Sunday is disappointing.  I like golf the way it used to be played.  If you broke a rule and it was caught during the round, before you signed your card, there was a penalty.  If you broke a rule and it wasn’t discovered until after you signed your card, you were then disqualified for having signed an incorrect scorecard.


I also understand why folks lashed out at Adam Jones after his bubble-blowing faux pas on Friday night in New York.  It looks like you’re hot dogging when you blow a bubble in the middle of an effort to make a play, in the same way it would be considered hot dogging if the second baseman caught a grounder and instead of throwing it to first base the “traditional way” he instead decided to throw it behind his back to first base.  I don’t think Jones was hot dogging it on Friday night.  I think blowing bubbles while you’re trying to play professional baseball looks dumb, personally, but I’m of the belief he simply made an error.  Nothing more.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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  1. dave hittinger Says:

    Tiger’s inability to hit his driver straight makes it really difficult to win another major. Not saying he won’t but it’s looking more and more like he won’t.

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    Almost as if the flag pole carom into the water was “divine intervention” with the Gods decreeing, “Thou shalt not win this tournament”!

  3. eric Says:

    cnnsi.com has Len as the 10th pick. so much for his feelings being hurt

  4. John in Westminster Says:

    The fact that Tiger’s situation was “extraordinary”, but slow play from a 14 year old amateur from China was not says all you need to know about Augusta, the PGA and any professional sports (NCAA included). Rules are tools and money talks! Violations shall be enforced for PR purposes to “uphold the integrity of the game” unless it has impact to TV ratings and viewers of commercials.

  5. matt Says:

    len will make his money, its better he go now because this draft is horrendous. but im pretty sure you mean he’ll get his feelings hurt when he washes out in 4 years, so i agree with you on that

  6. Unitastoberry Says:

    I agree with your analysis of Adam Jones and the bubble gum but what about dogging it to first base a few times already in this short season ? He’s the leader on this team .

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