Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., May 9

May 09, 2013 | Drew Forrester

OK, Caps fans, you better buckle up.

I smell it.

You do, too.

And I’m not talking about your smelly gym socks.

I’m referring to the Caps-Rangers series that’s now deadlocked at 2-games apiece after Wednesday’s 4-3 final that went to the homestanding New Yorkers.

You can smell it a mile away if you’re a longtime fan of the Washington Capitals.

I’m not even gonna say it, or write it.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s like burgers on the grill in July.  You’re outside mowing the lawn and the breeze carries along a great aroma from your neighbor’s deck.  You can close your eyes right now and smell that smell, as Lynyrd Skynyrd once said.

And you know that smell coming from the Caps right now, too.

I hope I’m wrong, but history tells me I’m right.


Speaking of grills, I’m going to filet Vijay Singh during today’s “Cheap Shot From The Bleachers”, so this will just be an appetizer of sorts.

Singh is now suing the PGA Tour because he says they harmed his reputation by carrying on an investigation into his ADMITTED use of deer antler spray back in February.

Yeah, you read that right.  Singh admitted to using Deer Antler Spray, which contains a banned substance (IGF-1) on the Tour’s list of naughty things you can’t take if you’re a professional golfer.

While the Tour worked to determine whether or not Singh should be suspended, they allowed him to continue playing.  Two weeks ago, they ruled in his favor, returned the prize money they held in escrow while they completed the investigation, and all was well.

Until yesterday when Singh sued them for “harming his character”.

The only thing better, now, is if Singh sued himself for damaging his own reputation.

He probably should.

What a friggin’ creep.

Here’s the one thing his fancy attorneys failed to address while they defended their client with all kinds of dramatic rhetoric about how hard Vijay works and how he’d never do anything to sully his reputation as one of the TOUR’s most upstanding citizens.

Why was Singh taking Deer Antler Spray in the first place?

Easy answer:  He thought IGF-1 would help him.

He said so, in fact.

Singh is complaining that the TOUR didn’t do any research on IGF-1 when they made it a “banned substance”.

In fact, Singh’s the idiot here.  He clearly used Deer Antler Spray to try and help his body go through the natural changes of any 50-year old guy who has hit 100,000 golf balls in his life.

Singh might not have been trying to “cheat”, but he was looking for something to help him.

If it wasn’t supposed to help, why take it in the first place?


Today is the final regular season home match for the Calvert Hall varsity golf team I’ve been privileged to coach in 2013.

We face Loyola on our home course (Country Club of Maryland), with a home playoff match on the line.  If we win, we’ll host a first-round playoff match next Tuesday.  If we don’t win, we’ll open the playoffs on the road next week.

Anyway, this is just a quick note to applaud the work ethic of the thirteen kids on the team.  We started practicing in mid-February and endured about fifteen practice sessions of cold, wind, more cold, more wind and even more wind.  Never once in February or March did those young men say “Coach, it’s kinda cold and windy today…how about a day off?”.  They showed up, worked hard and turned out to be great representatives of the school.

That we’ve made the playoffs isn’t as important as the way they’ve carried themselves over the last four months or so.

Kids these days get a lot of grief from us “older folk”, so I wanted to take a minute to point out how blessed I’ve been to work with this particular group of young men.

The pleasure has been mine, believe me.