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April 30, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Jason Collins is gay.

That’s cool.

I have two questions, though.

Who is Jason Collins?

And who cares if he’s gay?

OK, I’ll admit, mainly because I do have a passing interest in the NBA, that I know Jason Collins is a journeyman in “The Association”.

But, until yesterday, I had no idea he was gay.

We found out on Monday.

And I care today about it as much as I cared about it last Tuesday. Very little…

I hate to sound callous about the whole thing and that’s certainly not my intention, because I do understand the enormity of what’s at stake.  Members of the gay community just want the same rights as those who are straight.  That’s what it really boils down to.  By having those same rights (marriage, children, tax benefits, insurance coverage, etc.), they can honestly say, “I’m gay but I’m not being treated any differently because of it.”

I do understand the importance of that issue.  Young men and women who are gay shouldn’t be afraid to express their sexuality.  They should see “role models” in the gay community who aren’t afraid to confront the rest of the world.

I completely get the whole concept:  “I’m gay, but I’m no different than anyone else.”

Lots of people will make it a religious issue and quote the Bible in their attempt to prove that being gay is “wrong” and if you’re a reader and believer in the Bible and its place in history, I completely understand why you would hold on to those values.

In as much as “equality” is important to some people, the Bible is important to a lot of folks, too.

I understand that side of it as well.

The other sidebar to all of this is our country’s fascination with gay MEN as opposed to gay WOMEN.  That’s what this is all about, honestly.  For some reason, we view the two differently.  Martina Navratilova “came out” in the 1980’s and everyone yawned.  There have been hundreds of gay women compete professionally on the LPGA Tour over the last 30 years.  No one cared.  And the WNBA has gobs of openly gay players.

A gay man, though?  Holy cow, that’s weird.  (It’s not, really, I’m just making that statement to show the difference between the perception of gay women (“That’s kinda hot”) and gay men (“Weirdo…”)

There’s another argument anti-gay folks are making – particularly in the world of sports – that has zero to do with the whole scenario but it’s always brought up anyway.  “What if I’m in the shower in the locker room and a gay guy on the team is in there with me, eyeing me up?”  Yeah, boy, that would be strange.  It would probably be reminiscent of the way you look at that cute girl in the bar and wonder what she looks like without that dress she’s wearing.

Maybe I’m just “gay’d out” by now.  And if I am, you can blame those creeps in the media.  LOL

But, I just don’t care.

In a strange way, this over-saturation of gay rights and who is gay and who isn’t has helped reinforce to me the only thing in my life that’s really important is taking care of my family.

That’s it.

Jason Collins being gay has zero to do with my family.  It has nothing at all to do with the people who were killed in Boston two weeks ago yesterday.  It’s not at all vital to our national security.  Cancer won’t be cured overnight just because someone comes out as a gay, but a gay doctor might someday find the cure.

And no matter who is gay and who isn’t gay, that’s not going to stop Pedro Strop from allowing baserunners when he enters a game in the 8th inning.

There are gazillions of important issues in this country that deserve our widespread attention.

I don’t think a gay athlete is one of them.

Unless he can fix the Wizards, that is.

And even a good gay man like Jason Collins couldn’t do that.


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  1. Vince Says:

    People that don’t care about something don’t spend time writing about it. (DF: Completely untrue. I write and talk about issues in sports, in case you haven’t been paying attention for the last decade. I haven’t written about gay men and gay women in the art community because I don’t have a connection to art. But I’m connected to sports, so I have to write about it.)

  2. eddie Says:

    Many have said , , What somebody does in the bedroom is nodody’s business . . Then why do they keep telling us ?

    Ya think his teamates were surprised ? Nah .

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Only thing that matters in sports is winning. Not how you get off and who you get off with. This whole thing is just a part of a much greater political agenda which again has no place in sports.

  4. The Armchair QB Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Drew! Sexual orientation is nobody’s business and should be a non-issue, but it continues to be “sensationalized” by the media’s obsession with it. What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, frankly, needs to be kept…..PRIVATE!

  5. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    But now the media says it’s ok to be gay & let every one know it. I’m siding with the bible on this one, I do not want my grandkids thinking it’s ok to be gay, when it’s not!

  6. Eddie Says:

    armchair – Couldn’t agree more, Drew! Sexual orientation is nobody’s business ) , EDDIE – I too agree so I don’t understand why they ( Gays ) keep anouncing . And now we know what Jason does in his bedroom , YIKES !

  7. Such Says:

    I gotta go with you on the whole “gay’d out” thing Drew. As long as people are responsible and caring and do well towards their fellow man, I could care less. As someone with a close family member who happens to be gay, I support the notion of equality in the eyes of the law.

    As someone who has paid the price of a divorce, my stance will always be that as long as there’s gay divorce, I’m all for gay marriage.

    BTW, Magic Johnson has a son? I did not know that…

  8. Chuck Says:

    The whole “First” thing is so old.

    Unitastoberry is right, this is part of a bigger political agenda.

  9. BK Says:

    For the betterment of our society, being gay is becoming more and more of a non-issue. Unfortunately, things like this need to happen to help move that process along and the media will over-cover it as usual.

    Steve – I cannot wait until people like you no longer exist. It is NOT wrong to be gay. In case you don’t know or are too ignorant to learn, you don’t choose to be gay. You are born gay, just like you are born a woman or man. So you are saying it is wrong that these people were born? Unbelievable. And for you bible thumpers, most of you are HUGE hypocrites. If the Bible tells you God created everything, then God created ‘Gay’ people and purposely intended for them to be ‘Gay’ as they were born ‘Gay’. Now you are saying God doesn’t accept them because they are gay? Please, get a clue.

    BTW – I am not gay and I am not bashing faith by any means. Faith is great to have and I encourage it. I have real issues with the church itself and the bible being viewed as anything other than a complete fictional way of telling stories to explain things that happened long ago.

  10. matt Says:

    ill just hop on board with BK because i like anyone who is against a fairy tale written when the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. the mythology of jesus is also the mythology of a hundred other gods and deities. the exact. same. story. gods of war, gods of love. guess what jesus’ story is actually about people. its about the sun and the seasons and months of the year and extrapolations of those. not about a person.

  11. Jeff Wells Says:

    Well now, if Matt says so, it must be so. A little full of yourself, eh Matt?

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