Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., May 7

May 07, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Ahhhh, now that’s the Caps I know and love.

With a chance to go up 3-0 in the series and put the Rangers on life support, the Capitals did what they usually do last night in Game 3 of their playoff series at the Garden.

They let New York back in the series.

That Washington lost, 4-3, isn’t really the story.

It’s the way it happened.

Skating around with cement in their boots most of the night, the Caps gave up a handful of bad goals, including the eventual game-winner in the 3rd period when Backstrom and Ovechkin were both puck-watching in front of the goal just long enough to let New York’s Derek Stepan sneak in and re-direct the puck past Braden Holtby.

Six minutes later it all ended in high-drama when Washington was handed a power play with 1:54 remaining and used an extra-attacker to effectively create a two-man advantage for the game’s final ninety seconds.

How did the Caps handle the 6-on-4 situation?

Not well.

They passed the puck around – and around – and around – and around.  They tried a couple of shots here and there just to keep themselves awake, but nothing ever looked remotely dangerous and the final horn blew with the Caps having failed to create one really good scoring chance with a two-man advantage late in the game.

If you closed your eyes and tried hard enough, you definitely could have seen Mike Ridley, Kelly Miller and Mike Gartner on the ice there at the end, flailing around, looking for one scoring opportunity late in the game. It looked like “the old Caps” in the final ninety seconds.

It’s a series now, as most of us assumed it would be, since the Washington Capitals never, ever, do anything the easy way.

I hope you have Game 7 tickets.  That should be one helluva game in D.C. next week.


The story out of Texas where the high school track athlete was disqualified for “excessive celebration” because he pointed to the sky as a show of his faith following a race is proof-positive of what has gone wrong with this country.

These nitwits in Texas should be ashamed of themselves.

Young boys and girls need MORE faith and MORE God in their lives, not less.

Punishing that kid for his post-race demonstration is idiotic.

You would think adults would know better than to hand down an asinine decision like that…then again, those in charge who levied the penalty probably haven’t been to church in 25 years.

I swear, the things human beings do sometimes, huh?

It all makes me wonder how some people actually get by from day-to-day.


I think I’ve had enough for now.

The Caps losing like that coupled with those clowns in Texas…it’s just about all I can handle.

The only saving grace is RUSH is in town tonight playing at the Arena, which means I’ll play some good music during today’s show as a tip of the cap to Geddy, Neil and Alex.

Stay dry.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Like Says:

    Got to stop watching Fox News delusional nonsense:
    To assist the UIL in its investigation, the student-athlete’s parents submitted a letter stating that their son’s religious freedoms were not violated. “In looking back at the conclusion of the 4×100 race, we realize that Derrick could have handled the win in a different manner,” KC and Stacey Hayes said in the letter. “It was not our intention to force the issue that our son’s religious freedom was violated. Nor do we feel that way now. After discussing this with our son, we have come to the conclusion that his religious rights were not violated.”

    The student-athlete who was disqualified also submitted a letter during the investigation stating: “Although I am very thankful for all God has given me and blessed me with, on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at the Regional Track Meet in Kingsville, TX, my actions upon winning the 4×100 relay were strictly the thrill of victory. With this being said, I do not feel my religious rights or freedoms were

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    You know that when a athlete who lives in Texas is disqualified for pointing to the sky thanking God after a victory we are in serious trouble in the USA. That’s Texas not Berkeley California! Next to Van Halen Rush is number one with me.

  3. matt Says:

    more faith, less god*

  4. Justafan Says:

    Well, what would you expect? This is the age of Obama. If Obama has his way, the Sharia Law will take over the USA before his term expires. He may be a card carrying Christian, but his heart is with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. OVER40DON Says:

    yea Drew quit watching fox instead go to msnbc daily kos cbs nbc abc get the REAL story hadn’t heard abou this nonsense til you brought it up I find sticking to watching games and not paying attention to politics and politically correct B.S. is quite stres relieving. the whole GOD is not very good thing though is getting out of control of course if you are CAPS fan there is a certain amount of stress in that apparently

  6. Brad Says:

    Hey OVER40DON why don’t you stick to your MSLCD channel and keep your comments to yourself until the next Communist Convention.

  7. Frank Says:

    Rush!! Enough already about Rush – Geeeeezzzzz – Most over rated band in music after Nirvana! I swear Drew – I thought you had better taste than Nestor!

  8. OVER40DON Says:

    hey Brad look up the word sarcasm you goofball

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