Drew’s Morning Dish, Tuesday, April 2

April 02, 2013 | Drew Forrester

The Governor got the headline in The Sun he was looking for, huh?

“Governor O’Malley saves Towson baseball”

That’s interesting.  So, Governor O’Malley reached into his own bank account and coughed up $300,000 to save Towson’s baseball program?

Wow, what a guy.

Oh, wait.  Here’s what the headline should have read:

“Governor uses $300k of taxpayer’s money to keep Towson baseball alive”

There, I fixed that for The Sun.

For the record, I’m not “anti-government”.  I am, however, “anti-BAD-government”.

I’m not comfortable with the Governor and his great staff getting involved in college sports in our state.  That’s just me.  I love sports, I talk about it for a living, etc., but having the Governor stick his nose in the Towson situation isn’t something I think highly of, to be honest.  I’d rather not have to pay $4.00 a gallon for gas, frankly, than have baseball be saved at Towson University, but that’s just me.

Now, back to the Towson situation.

I’m talked-out about it, honestly, because I thought and said from the very beginning that a huge deal was being made out of eliminating two sports that the community in general doesn’t support in the first place.  And I’m a soccer guy, remember, and my friend is/was the head coach of the Towson University soccer program.  In some ways, it’s not Frank Olszewski’s fault that the community didn’t come out and support his outstanding program.  What’s he supposed to do, coach the team and market it at the same time?

Anyway, yesterday’s decision from Governor O’Malley is nothing more than our state leader paying off a chip he owed someone from a previous favor done for the Governor.  I don’t know much, but I know that.  There’s no way the Governor or his pal Peter Franchot give two hoots about Towson University’s athletic program.  I’ve been to 300 or more sporting events at Towson over the last 10 years, ranging from football to lacrosse to basketball to soccer to baseball to gymnastics and volleyball.  Guess how many times I’ve seen the Governor there?  ZERO.  Now, perhaps he was there once or twice and I missed him, but I’ve never seen the man on site.

Two years from now, Towson baseball will be in the same boat it’s in now.  They’ll stay alive for a couple of years and try to figure out a way to inject some life into the program, but in 2015 they’ll be struggling again.  That’s just a guess on my part.  I hope I’m wrong.  I like Towson University.  But this fiasco hasn’t “smelled right” since jump street and it continues to have an aroma of “someone’s not telling the truth”.


One week from today I’ll be Augusta National, walking the storied grounds of the greatest golf course in the United States.

And you won’t be.

OK, that was mean.

I’m sorry.


And just so it’s in concrete:

Drew says USC will regret hiring Andy Enfield from Florida Gulf Coast University.


Talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. James Says:

    Ok so what if Loyola or Morgan or Coppin Sports program needs a fix. Is the suddenly good samaritian O Malley gonna take more money out of the transportation fund to help them ( and then raise the tolls again). My bet is someone in the O Malley or Franchot family is on the Towson Baseball roster. Hey i like and support local sports too, but this has a funny smell to it. Go Towson take the money ( our Money) and run.

  2. Steve From Sandpoint Says:

    Martin O’Money is nothing more than phoney as a governor. All he wants to do is tax more and spend more. His liberal polices and spending have hurt the state. He was a joke as the Mayor and now as Governor, look out if this Clown runs for President.

  3. matt Says:

    corporate = nestor. it was a joke

    i see that you are just picking random headlines to comment on, so i retract my overextending comment. i thought it was going to be a chore, honestly.

    and now for me trying to tell you what to do. this should have been on mike prestons comments about harbs and reed ;x

  4. jpetrosino Says:

    To be fair, why doesn’t Townson cut all money losing sports programs for both men and women? Why pick on men’s baseball and soccer? Or, is it really title 9 driving their decisions so you need to axe all men’s programs first before touching a woman’s sport in order to be politically correct.

  5. Chuck Says:

    “Governor uses $300K of Taxpayer’s Money to Keep Towson Baseball Alive After Raising the Gas Tax which will Harm the Poor and Middle Class the Most after Unilaterally Shifting the Teachers Pensions from a State Liability to a liability for all of the Counties which will further Increase the Property Taxes of Property Owners in Maryland to Unprecedented Levels as Property Values have Declined over the Last Several Years”

  6. John in Westminster Says:

    Or maybe the mayor of MD could throw a little more coin at a county not named Baltimore, Montgomery, Anne Arundle or PG and help thousands by adding some turf fields in Carroll.

  7. Justafan Says:

    Yes, Martin O’ Malley is a phoney baloney. He is one of Obama’s chief ass kissers. Yet, I believe he will never be President. Obama is making plans to become President for Life.
    Also, you say USC will regret hiring Andy Enfield. My question is Why?

  8. slammer Says:

    Drew’s Morning Mush would be more appropriate. (DF: LOL. Another guy afraid to put his real name to his opinion. What a country we live in…)

  9. Hixxey Says:

    Yilmaz…..Augusta….REALLY….You Suck 😉

  10. PGD Says:

    How do you know I won’t be at Augusta next week?

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