Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., April 24

April 24, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Well, that’s the end of Dylan Bundy’s career.


I’m kidding.

While I’ll admit it’s never good to see your name linked with Dr. James Andrews, unless he’s getting you on at Augusta National, I wouldn’t be overly concerned with Bundy’s visit to see the good doctor.

He fixes people, in case you haven’t heard.

And even if they find something structurally unsound in his forearm, that’s what Andrews is there for…to get it right.

Lots of folks will panic over Tuesday’s news, but let’s allow it to all play out and then go from there.  It’s not like Bundy was going to come up in July and go 11-2 in his 13 starts with a 2.49 ERA.  That just wasn’t going to happen.  So, this Orioles team won’t be affected at all by any decision made by Dr. Andrews.

Get the kid’s arm fixed and let’s move on.


Nice work by the Capitals on Tuesday night to fend off a pesky Winnipeg team and win the Southeast Division with that 5-3 win in D.C.

That was a hockey player’s game on Tuesday.  In fact, really, it closely resembled “playoff hockey”, which hopefully prepares the Caps for what lies ahead in May.

The work Ovechkin put in on the game-clinching empty net goal was an indication that his effort level has drastically changed under Adam Oates.  He started the whole play twenty seconds earlier by applying pressure near the middle of the ice as a loose puck rolled back in the Winnipeg end.  Ovi kept fighting along the boards long enough for Backstrom to come in behind him and get involved in the play.  As a loose puck appeared and Backstrom swooped in to collect it, Ovechkin realized he was going to be in an offsides position and hustled some fifteen feet or so back into the neutral zone.  Now onside, The Great Eight collected a nice pass from Backstrom and slapped it in from 35 feet for the backbreaker.

This time two years ago, I’m not sure Ovechkin would have put in that kind of effort.

For sure, last season, Dale Hunter would have been mad at Backstrom and Ovechkin for both being in the offensive end of the ice at the same time.


I’m guessing the Ravens haven’t cut Rolando McClain yet because they’d rather not give away their position prior to Thursday’s NFL draft.

In other words, if they cut him, they’re letting 31 other teams know they’re linebacker-shopping again.

I assume sometime next week he’ll be gone.


I mean, I realize he went to Alabama and all, but Ozzie’s not really going to keep Rolando McClain, is he?


That Stephen Curry kid can really shoot the basketball.

And, because he didn’t go to Duke, he’s actually likeable.

Everything about him looks Duke-ish, and it’s hard to believe Coach K didn’t get him, but he somehow flew under the radar screen and wound up at Davidson of all places.

But he can absolutely shoot the ball as well as anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

And those jerseys they’re wearing in Golden State…wow x 5!  How they ever lose a game wearing those duds, I have no idea.


Hey, did you read that story about the two Flyers fans who both wound up getting Rhodes Scholarship offers in the same year?

Yeah, me neither.


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  1. The Armchair QB Says:

    Not surprising that a “fireball” pitcher develops arm trouble. Ever since MLB lowered the pitchers’ mound, taking away some of the “leverage”, sore arms have become almost epidemic. And, the harder they throw, the more likely the injuries! As for McClain, hasn’t Suggs had his share of run-ins with the law, including the now infamous assault with a bat charge just about the time we drafted him and another assault charge just recently that was dropped? My guess is that if the latest misdemeanor wasn’t viewed as serious enough by prosecutors to revoke bail because of his priors, this may wind up being dismissed all together. That does not vitiate the FACT that this guy is obviously stuck on…….STUPID!

  2. matt Says:

    if you can assume the ravens dont want to give away their position by cutting mcclain, id say its safe to assume the other gm’s can make the same assumption. they work on this crap 24/7. im pretty worried the ravens are going to keep him

  3. raz_la Says:

    Nice read, but………………Drew, please cease and desist using the term “Great” when referring to Ovechkin. There was only one “Great” in the NHL. Oh, and tell your buddies “Joe B’ and “Laucher” at CSN to stop using it, too.

    signed, Paul Coffey

  4. PghSteve Says:

    Quoi! Quoi! Ovechkin grand? Le Docteur est correct, il n’y a qu’une seule grande une pour le hockey. M. Ovechkin a besoin de gagner au moins un des tasses de Lord Stanley à saisir même cette conversation. Merci moi …


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