Drew’s Morning Dish – Wed., April 3

April 03, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Magic Johnson’s son is gay.

I know what you’re thinking.  The same thing I was thinking when I read that headline yesterday.


That’s the first thing that came to mind when I read the headline on Tuesday: “Magic’s son is gay”


So what?

It’s amazing how consumed we’ve become with who’s gay and who’s not these days.

One thing for sure: If those scumbags in the media (hehe) wouldn’t make such a big deal of illuminating someone’s sexuality, maybe we’d all stop worrying about someone’s sexuality.

Magic Johnson’s son being gay has zero impact on you, me, your neighbor, your sister-in-law, your best friend at work or the guy on your softball team who always smells good but you’d never ask what cologne he’s wearing because you’d be laughed at for being “interested” in something “as gay” as asking another man why he smells so good.

But the media loves making a big deal out of telling us which men like men or which women like women.

I don’t get it.

One minute, we’re being told to accept everyone for what they are — and the next minute, we’re looking at headlines talking about who’s gay and who isn’t.

Here’s a headline for you:  Drew’s an Aquarius.


I don’t know what that means, but it’s about as important as Magic Johnson’s son being gay.

Who cares?

No one should.


If Maryland had any guard play at all, they could be Wichita State.

Wichita State isn’t any good, and they’re in the Final Four.

Maryland’s not a bad basketball team.  I’m not putting any REAL stock in their run to Madison Square Garden, which ended last night with a 71-60 loss to someone named “Iowa”.

But having watched them a lot over the last four weeks, including last night, it’s very evident that the Terps have a lot of decent pieces.

Maryland’s not a bad team, but they have bad guards.

If they had good guards, who knows where they might be playing this weekend…


The great Geddy Lee of RUSH threw out the first pitch in Toronto last night.

He threw one more strike than R.A. Dickey.


Nice win for the Caps last night in Carolina.

Don’t look now, but it would appear that Washington is going to catch Winnipeg and win the Southeast Division.

I don’t know how, honestly.

The Caps aren’t really any good.

They have very little offense.

Some nights when Ovechkin tries, they’re at least a threat to score three or four goals.  But most nights, four goals is a stretch for them.

They’ll be one and done in the post-season, no matter where they finish in the standings.


I love how people in Baltimore were making fun of Tampa Bay’s crowd yesterday.

Those folks must have already “misremembered” that 47,000 showed up in Baltimore last August/September for a game against the White Sox.

Oh, wait.

That was 47,000 for FOUR games with the White Sox.

And don’t forget — back in 2008, the Orioles opened their season at home against those same Rays – in Baltimore – and about 35,000 of you jammed your way into Camden Yards.

So…let’s take it easy on making fun of teams and their attendance issues.