Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., May 8

May 08, 2013 | Drew Forrester

The guy who started for the Orioles last night and gutted it out for 6.1 innings is really NOT Bruce Chen.

Say what you will about Dan Duquette’s proclivity for dumpster-diving in his now-18 month tenure as Orioles GM, but there’s no doubt his best find was – I think this might be the first time I’ve ever typed these exact words – Wei Yin Chen.

The kid knows how to pitch.

And with all due respect to the real Bruce Chen, this Chen is NOT Bruce Chen.

He’s much better.

The thing I like about him is the way he goes about his business and just pitches.  Jake Arrieta should watch him and take notes.  The fact that N.B.C. knows how to pitch is one thing, but there’s no visible signs of distress when he’s in trouble, no snatching the ball back from the catcher and standing there staring at the umpire after a questionable call, and certainly very little, if any, fluctuation in his quality.  Sure, he got lit up on the West Coast trip, but those starts are few and far between with “Not”.

It’s fair to note that Duquette apparently half-whiffed on his trip to the Far East back in 2011 when he found what he thought were two major-league ready pitchers.  The other dude – I think his name is Wada – has logged as many innings as you and I since he joined the club and started making $4 million a year.

But one of those finds by Duquette really was a find.

Not Bruce Chen is a legit pitcher.

You saw evidence of that again last night.  Didn’t have his best stuff but battled long enough to give his team a chance to win, which they eventually did.

I’m glad he’s NOT Bruce Chen.  And I’m happy we have him.


I’ve said this for a while now, and I’ll keep saying it again.

You better put some sort of protective headgear on these pitchers or some guy is going to literally get killed out there.

I assume that’s what it’s going to take, right?

It’s going to take someone taking a liner to the temple and an in-game death for MLB to realize that a helmet of some sorts is the answer.

The J.A. Happ incident from Monday night should be the one that gets baseball to take action, but we’ll have to wait and see.


What used to be called “The Players Championship” and is now simply called “The Players” starts tomorrow in Ponte Vedre Beach, FL.

It’s the so-called “5th major” and generally hosts the best field of any non-major event on the TOUR calendar.

You win this one and, well, you’re rich, for starters, and you’re as close to winning a major as you can get without actually winning one.

And, other than the occasional fluke-champion like Craig Perks – who flamed out quickly after his win at Sawgrass – most guys who win there wind up having outstanding careers.

It’s a really hard golf course, which means really good golfers have to play well for 72 holes to win.

Who’s going to win?  You want to know that, right?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.  In the meantime, you tell ME who you think is going to win.


I’m sure glad the Capitals avoided the Islanders.

I knew that would be a match-up problem, as it is right now for the Penguins, who are in a dogfight at 2-games-apiece in their playoff series.

Then again, the Caps don’t exactly have a walk in Central Park on their hands right now.

But, if you were going to face one of the New York teams, the easier of the two is the Rangers.

BTW, for the record tonight, I’m calling Caps 3 – Rangers 2 in OT.  Game winner: Joel Ward