Insult, Injury, Embarrassment to Go Around After Notre Dame Crushes Maryland

November 13, 2011 | Glenn Clark


LANDOVER, Md. — The University of Maryland Terrapins went through the motions lost to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 45-21 Saturday night at FedEx Field.

The good news (for me) is that I won’t be attending another Maryland football game this season.

That’s where the good news ends.

This isn’t the final game on the schedule for the Terps (2-8, 1-5) this season, but I’ll guess it will be the final time I offer more than a handful of words to discuss them. I’ll imagine most of you can understand.

I remember back in August I had a thought that the team’s visit to North Carolina State November 26 could have ACC Championship implications. I remember thinking that with the Baltimore Ravens set to host the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving night I would have my weekend free and perhaps a trip to Raleigh would be in order.

As you’d assume, I have no travel plans for my Turkey Day weekend.

I’ve paid my dues. I’ve showed up for every game the Terps have played this season in the state of Maryland. The first game (Miami) was fun. The second half of the second game (West Virginia) was fun too. There was no more fun to be had this season.

I don’t write this in hopes to illicit sympathy from anyone. I write it because I know I’m not the only one who has suffered through the misery of Randy Edsall’s first season in College Park.

There’s no way of polishing this. No lipstick here can make this not look like a pig. Randy Edsall’s first season in College Park has been an unparalleled mess.

That would probably be an appropriate way to describe Maryland’s effort against the Irish (7-3) Saturday night as well.

“We’ve got to tackle better, get off on third down, (we’ve) got to make third downs, we can’t drop the ball” Edsall said after the loss, but even that probably couldn’t fully describe the effort.

After inheriting a team that finished with nine wins (including a Military Bowl triumph) a season ago, Edsall’s Terrapins (with aide of significant injury) have been unthinkably impossible to watch in 2011. Not only has the team struggled to win games, they’ve failed to maintain relevance. Not even the return to the buzzworthy Under Armour “PRIDE” uniforms could generate interest Saturday night, as the 70,251 fans who packed the home of the NFL’s Washington Redskins Saturday night overwhelmingly backed the home team.

The home team wasn’t Maryland. The team from South Bend, Indiana played that role Saturday night.

It isn’t so far-fetched to have thought Maryland would struggle after their transition from former coach Ralph Friedgen to Edsall. Many first year coaches are forced to establish roots before they can find future success. There was hope Maryland wouldn’t experience those types of growing pains as they returned the ACC Rookie of the Year (QB Danny O’Brien) and many of the players who experienced a victorious postseason one year earlier.

The best the Terrapins can hope for at this point would be a 4-8 finish (3-5 ACC), but a 2-10 (1-7 ACC) finish appears more likely with trips to Wake Forest and NC State left on the season.

Making things worse for a team that has been awful is the unwatchable nature of the games they’ve played in the past month. Instead of growing as a team during the course of the season, this team appears to have taken significant steps in the opposite direction.

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  1. Mike T Says:

    Md was close to mid field with 30 seconds to go in the 3rd and they let the clock run out. They score,kickoff,make ND punt and they ran the ball on 1st,2nd & 3rd downs w/10 minutes to go in the game and of course they punted. Why not just walk off the field and call it a night at that point.I’ve been saying for weeks that Edsall has to go and he’s not cut out for the ACC. I don’t want character guys,I want players. I also question Edsall’s character for calling out Ralph. Embarrassing to say the least.I’m just glad it was on National Television. When can we expect O’Brien to announce that he’ll be attending Vanderbilt?

  2. Chuck Says:

    Darned glad that was my last game in Maryland this season too! It will be interesting to see how many more season ticket holders disappear. It was an utterly embarrassing season and we still have two away games left.

  3. joe of bel air Says:

    I think it is obvious that this team quit on Mr. Edsall about 3 or 4 games ago. They have been going through the motions and can’t wait to end this season. Edsall hire has been a colossal failure. I would have absolutely no problem with Maryland letting him go. Anderson should have let Ralph finish out his contract and let Franklin replace him. What is the old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I wish Mr. Anderson would have followed that advice.

  4. Rodney of Manchester, Pa. Says:

    It’s depressing watching Maryland Football. Alot of us are thinking was Edsall a good move or should we have kept Ralph. Regardless of what we all think…this IS what it is. My question…where do we go from here? What is the future of Maryland Football?

    Go Terps!

  5. Mike T Says:

    We fire Edsall and let the taxpayer flip the bill. Is this what Plank and Anderson had in mind?

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