MSB Trend Report: Who’s Storming the Court and Who’s Courting the Storm?

March 06, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

The Lakers


They took apart the Heat on Sunday, and the masked version of Kobe Bryant may be even more intimidating then the regular (and already highly intimidating) Bryant that we’ve all come to know and fear. Not only did the Lakers appear to out-savvy the Heat, giving them a high level basketball game when the Heat seemed to be prepared for a grudge match, but in so doing they also seem to have convinced themselves that they’ve found a formula that they can ride into the Finals. They’ll still have plenty of work to do to convince the rest of us of the latter, and could go a long way toward reinforcing themselves before the trade deadline too. Either way the Lakers aren’t yet ready to simply cede LA to the Clippers…for now.



Rajon Rondo


Rondo has been at the center of lots of trade rumors and subsequent controversy of late. That has also given us reason to remind ourselves just how good Rondo can actually be, and that the Celtics are only bound to go as far as he can carry them. Rondo has also been at the center of some pretty incredible stat lines and outright gutty performances of late too. At $11 million or so per season, it shouldn’t be lost on Rondo that all of the Rondo-centric trade talks seem to involve swaps for players making $17 million or more per season. Rondo has reason to be put off by his potentially fleeting status on the Celtics roster, and plenty of leverage over the Celtics if he lingers there beyond the NBA trade deadline.



Overused NCAA Tournament Clichés



In addition to a ramping up in college hoops excitement being provided by the early stages of March Madness, prepare yourself to be awash in overused tournament clichés. Expect to hear more than your fill of Cinderella and slipper references in addition to the time honored chalk, survive and advance, one and done, mid-major, David and Goliath, the ruination of college basketball, bracket busters and surely a million other overused terms that I’m not yet ready to conjure.