MSB Trend Report: Who’s Storming the Court and Who’s Courting the Storm?

March 06, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson


Five on the Slide – Here’s who’s falling



Sean Payton



The “Bounty-Gate” scandal has taken the league by storm if not by surprise, and surely in Roger Goodell’s new kinder and gentler NFL there’s no room for the “pay for prey” scheme devised by Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams under the watch of head coach Sean Payton. While harsh punishment for Williams seems all but a foregone conclusion, it’ll be interesting to see how much Payton knew and as a result how much he’s called to task by comparison. As the overseer of the program some might argue that Payton’s punishment should be as harsh or even more harsh than Williams’ penalties. This also gives us cause to recall what seems to be the yet unresolved Vicodin scandal of Saints post-Super Bowl infamy. Payton is surely in trouble, how much remains to be seen as yet.





Jeremy Lin is still having a major impact on the Knicks, but certainly not as impactful as his early time at the helm of the offense. Coincidentally or not, the return of Carmelo Anthony and perhaps the grind of the NBA season has given the euphoria and insanity surrounding Lin a slight pause at least. Deron Williams illustrated what Lin and the Knicks need to prepare for going forward, that teams and opposing point guards in particular will take their best shots at Lin and the Knicks and look to build their own reputations as a result. Lin-Sanity and the Knicks in general remain a work in progress and not exactly the celebrated juggernaut that they appeared to be just a few weeks ago.