MSB Trend Report: Who’s Storming the Court and Who’s Courting the Storm?

March 06, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Lebron James


Mark my words, buy low here. All of the Lebron criticism is bound to die soon as the world comes to grips with the fact that he and the Heat are simply playing on a different level than anyone else. James carried the Heat back from the depths against Utah on Friday night scoring 17 fourth quarter points but still drew heavy criticism for passing out of a double team to a wide open Udonis Haslem who missed the final shot and cost the Heat the win. The performance, and final decision were eerily reminiscent of James performance in carrying the Eastern Conference squad back from the depths in the All-Star Game before passing on the final shot and hearing the wrath of reaction.


James is the best player in the game..period. Moreover, he’s in the midst of one of the 5 best seasons in the history of the league, yet we continue to find reasons to criticize him. It likely says more about us and our shortcomings than it does about Lebron and his. Lebron is trending downward, but sleeping on him, or believing him to be less than a winner is simply a mistake. You’ll see.



Jim Boeheim


Boeheim is riding a 30-1 team ranked 2nd in the nation at present (arguably undefeated and #1 if not for the absence of Fab Melo for their sole loss) and is likely enjoying this season less than any of the 35 seasons that preceded it. The season began with the Bernie Fine scandal, one that is still far from resolved and Boeheim’s vehement and ultimately misplaced confidence in his top assistant accompanied by his unfortunate and embarrassing public lambasting of Fine’s accusers. Now as his team tries to put the early distraction of the scandal behind them and focus on the task at hand, Yahoo sports reports have brought an alleged longtime drug scandal that has also been happening on Boeheim’s watch to apparent light. Boeheim currently sits 3rd on the all-time Division I wins list and appeared to be closing quickly on Bobby Knight. Now it’s looking debatable whether he’ll get or even deserve another season at Syracuse.



Afternoon Work Production


The downside of March Madness is for the bosses out there to deal with. College basketball tourney season, both conference (especially conference for me) and the big dance are the best sports related time of the year. The sheer volume of action complimented by the popularity of office pools and now further supplemented with multi-channel coverage and streaming internet information, excitement is going up substantially for sports fans both casual and devout. That’s bad news for office production once tip offs are eminent though. Bosses take heart; you’ve still got our souls. You’ll get our hearts back in 4 or 5 weeks or so.