Slow Your Roll Monday on the MSB

March 19, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Broncos and Dolphins


Slow Down Broncos and Dolphins it appears that you’re not Peyton Manning material, and furthermore, for reasons that everyone but you seemed to see all along, you probably never were. In your pursuit of Manning, you…Denver Broncos have again played your hand and demonstrated your lack of confidence in incumbent quarterback Tim Tebow. As actions speak louder than words and as your words were never that strong in support of Tebow in the first place, there shall be no doubt about Tebow’s place on this team as fleeting at best. And you…Miami Dolphins, as a result of your courtship of Manning you’ve missed out not only on Matt Flynn who was gotten for relatively cheap by the Seahawks, but you’ve also missed out on any chance to trade up to take either of the two coveted QBs at the top of the draft, which you would have been in line to take if you had simply accepted your early fate in-season and slowed your roll to begin with.

Both organizations seem to have little choice now but to slow their Manning induced roll, as both appear to have significant amounts of damage control to do at present.



Hoops Junkies


And a reluctant slow your roll to NCAA tourney excitement as after four days of wall to wall action and technically six straight days of March Madness in all, we’re forced to endure a temporary hiatus from the throes of excitement and settle back into work, life and everything else that has suffered through tourney induced neglect over the past week or so.

More than 75% of the field is gone and more than 75% of the games are over and a full 60% of the workweek stands between you and a return to tournament euphoria. It’s indeed time that we all slow down…just a bit.