Terps hoops: Turgeon will win this scrap with Stoglin

February 12, 2012 | Drew Forrester

It’s hard for me to digest how these kids think they’re going to get away with literally ANYTHING these days.  Our life has become a 24-hour tape recorder, complete with a video camera attached in the event you’re stupid enough to do something in public that puts you or your school in a negative light.

Terrell Stoglin knew what he was doing on Saturday when he tweeted out that nonsense after the game.  A few hours later, he threw out the obligatory “shouldn’t use Twitter after a loss” message to try and stitch up the wound, but it was too late by then.  And, honestly, a player of his caliber, someone who supposedly looks at himself as the leader of the team, shouldn’t ever fall victim to such stupidity.  Greivis Vasquez was occasionally wild on the court, but he wouldn’t have dog-cussed Gary following a loss, that’s for sure.  You can dislike those kids at Duke all you want, but my guess is you’d never see one of them take a swipe at Coach K on Twitter.

All of these great inventions have their drawbacks.  TV, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter…they’re all valuable, but also potentially harmful if they can’t be used the right way.

And when you put them in the hands of kids, and college kids at that, they can all be particularly destructive, as a lot of athletes and programs have learned over the last few years.

The issue of athletes running their mouth on Twitter will repeat itself over and over at various other college campuses across the country because the kids don’t get it and the coaches do.

But I’m willing to bet it won’t be happening in Mark Turgeon’s program anymore.

Watch and see.


NOTE: Towson University Athletic Director Mike Waddell will join me on Monday’s show at 7:00 am to discuss Towson’s policy on social networking use among athletes and coaches.