The Nasty Purple Pre-Game Show “3-Things We’re Looking-4” from Ravens vs. Cincinnati

November 20, 2011 | Ryan Chell

Glenn’s List


1. Put the game in Andy Dalton’s hands



2. Ravens offensive Line has to get a push




3. Improved ST Play



Ryan’s List


1. Joe Flacco can’t force throws vs. Cincinnati Bengals secondary



2. Don’t allow Bengals offensive line to get down the field and make blocks



3. Communicate on defense with no Ray Lewis on the field

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  1. tsnamm Says:

    Glenn…they put the ball in Dalton’s hands alright…and he drove the ball 80 yards back to back to back in the 4th quarter, and it came down to a 4th down stop to prevent OT. Flacco could learn a few things from this kid….

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