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April 01, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Welcome to my new blog at WNST.net.

I’m not new, of course.  I’ve been here a while.  I’m sure the Orioles are surprised I lasted this long, but somehow I’ve managed to stick it out for ten years now.

But this, “Drew’s Morning Dish” (Luke Jones came up with that, mostly…so if you don’t like it, blame him) will be something I put together every morning I’m on the air at AM 1570.

Don’t ask me why I decided to start this.  I have no idea, really.  Most of my writing here comes during Ravens season and I just wanted to have someplace to log some thoughts on a nearly-daily basis.

So, here it is — your “Morning Dish”.


For starters, the worst Monday morning possible comes when the Philadelphia Flyers win beat the Washington Capitals the night before.  And that’s what happened on Sunday night in Philthy when the Caps squandered a late 2-goal lead and allowed those scumbags back into the game, where they promptly allowed the Flyers to cap off the improbable recovery by standing around in front of the goal while some goof from Philly scored a rec-league game-winner.

Losing to those creeps in Philly is the worst thing you can do.  Duke lost by 22 to Louisville on Sunday evening in the NCAA tournament. If the Sports Fairy would have whispered in my ear on Sunday morning, “Look, I’ll let the Caps win tonight in Philly if you’re OK with me letting Duke come back from eight points down with one minute left to beat Louisville and go to the Final Four”, I would have said, “Where do I sign up for that?”

Unreal.  Losing to the Flyers in overtime after you led by two goals late.  Made me sick to my stomach.

Speaking of college basketball, is it me or has this college basketball tournament not been very exciting?  Blow-outs every night, very few buzzer beaters unless you’re Ohio State, and the basketball, in general, just hasn’t been that good.  Marquette played for the right to go to the Final Four on Saturday vs. Syracuse and they scored – you ready for this? – 39 points.  Total.  Now, I know Syracuse is good defensively, very good, in fact, but 39 points?  39…

Nothing surprising about the Orioles 25-man roster.  The one guy they kept that I’m happy to see is Ryan Flaherty.  I said throughout the off-season that I liked what I saw of him in his limited time last season and I think his pop at the plate can come in handy in 2013.  If he improves defensively, he could very well be their starting second baseman in 2014.  Don’t be shocked if someday he’s not given a chance to play shortstop if Jonathan Schoop comes up and fares well defensively at second base.

Anyway, watch that Flaherty kid…he might wind up being a pretty decent major leaguer.

I’ll dish with you more tomorrow morning.


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  1. John in Westminster Says:

    Sorry about the Caps. But how about those Towson Tigers taking down a ranked Hofstra lacrosse squad and establishing themselves as one of the leaders in the CAA?!? Nads was lucky Wascavage stood on his head with 18 saves because scoring less than 10 ain’t gonna cut it against Drexel.

  2. matt Says:

    amen on college basketball. i dont think you should overextend yourself by writing one of these every day, unless it is mandated from corporate that you do. (DF: I love when people try to tell me what to do and what not to do. It’s funny. Here’s one for you. I don’t think you should overextend YOURSELF by reading it every day. BTW, in case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s no such thing as “corporate” here at WNST. We do what we want.)

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Steadman used to write a occasional column like this at the News American.I don’t remember what he called it maybe someone will know?

  4. Chip Says:

    More of a good thing is a good thing!

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