Who’s at the Ledge?

March 19, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

When great expectations are met with poor performances, players, teams, fans and others may find themselves at the ledge. It’s that edge of your sports sanity where the temperature seems to always be rising and the sky seems to always be falling. Here’s a look at who’s occupying the ledge as we begin another week on the MobTown Sports Beat:


Ravens Fans


Ravens fans are most assuredly feeling a bit edgy (and “ledgy” for that matter) over the way that this round of NFL free agency has gone so far. Teams all over the league are adding to their cache while the Ravens aren’t either willing or able to protect their own much less raid anyone else’s. This is the price that teams must pay for drafting, evaluating and developing their talent better than most in a salary cap environment and lots of increasingly difficult decisions still lie ahead for Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens. What will also likely lie ahead though is a bounty of discarded talent that finds its way to the open market on the back side of free agent and draft day acquisitions. What’s coming is the fresh round of opportunities to use the strength and success of the team to leverage talents recently discarded to come to Baltimore and finish their careers in style or to jumpstart their careers with force and credibility as many before them have done. What’s also coming is a likely bounty of compensatory picks for 2013 that must have Newsome giggling himself to sleep at night despite the ongoing raid on his compound. Still, in a “what have you done for me lately” kind of way, Ravens fans are at the ledge over free agency and the ongoing defection of talent.



UConn Huskies Basketball


The Huskies may be at a crossroads, and thanks to an early ouster from the NCAA Tournament by Iowa Sate in the first round, it may be coming up quicker than they had expected. Jim Calhoun has had his share of issues with both his health and institutional control throughout his storied tenure. One of those issues or their combination is likely to be the end of Calhoun at the helm of the Huskies sooner or later, and having lost time this season to both issues and with UConn already disqualified from the 2013 tournament, sooner might be more realistic. It has to be a scary situation for the Huskies’ faithful who can surely see the writing on the wall but who also must acknowledge that the legacy of UConn hoops begins and ends with Calhoun so far. Where they go from here in an ever-shifting Big East landscape is anyone’s guess, and when they may begin to find out is equal parts troubling and puzzling from a UConn perspective and is bound to have Huskies fans at the ledge.