The 15-7-0 is Big Ten bound too…unless someone else offers even more money

November 19, 2012 | Glenn Clark

11. And when the Washington Redskins returned from the bye, they actually kinda looked like a football team again.

Getting Nick Foles in as the starting QB has certainly solved everything in Philly…

There have been a LOT of low moments for the Philadelphia Eagles this year, but it’s hard to imagine anything will be lower than watching this play on film…

12. As if we needed further proof the Mayans were right, UCLA is on the cusp of a trip to the Rose Bowl.

And if Johnathan Franklin keeps running like this, they’ll finish the job…

I can’t WAIT to see Bruins P Jeff Locke in the Rose Bowl!

13. Next week the Packers are just going to let Randall Cobb punt, too.

They might as well because…just…how???

Mason Crosby had a tough day, so Greg Jennings thought he’d cheer him up by beating the poop out of him…

Before it all went south for them, Nick Fairley had a lot of fun…

Let’s see what Matt Stafford thinks of all of this…

14. Inexplicably the Dallas Cowboys are still in the thick of the NFC playoff picture.

Impressively, they did it despite the fact they COULDN’T tackle Trent Richardson…

15. If I’m Calvert Hall, I’m definitely prepared to get my payroll at Gilman’s level.

OR….OR….The Cardinals could petition the MIAA to flip to Canadian high school rules and start working on their double punts…

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  1. Al Says:

    –While I’m terribly biased on grading helmets when using my beloved Miami Dolphins helmet as my standard bearer, I must say that Naval Academy helmet was a thing of pure beauty.

    –That underhanded throw from Josh Freeman was insane…but I wonder if he can throw a ball through the uprights from 50 yards out while on his knees?

    –You should hire those 3 kids to both write and perform your new theme song for The Reality Check…them not butchering “Hey, Jude” was stunning.

    –Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to you (my little brother) and to Ryan for the great show of support Friday evening…it was much appreciated :-)

    I’ll be in a much better “donation” position this time next month so keep me posted on what you may need from me as we approach Christmas.


    (Edit from Glenn: You’re a good man, sir. The Gruden song is just tremendous…)

  2. Kerry from Brooklyn Park Says:

    Towson absolutely deserved to be in the playoffs! I think Towson is the best college team in the state. Also Tavon Austin should be in the running for the Heisman trophy. He has had an incredible year topped off by that performance against Oklahoma. Our local paper should be making a big deal about him; but they are not. Possibly the best football player to ever come out of Baltimore. Future NFL first round pick!

    (Edit from Glenn: Austin’s day Saturday was simply unreal. He got married in the Heisman race early by his own teammate Geno Smith and unfortunately their record will probably keep him out of the conversation.)

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