The 15-7-0 is Big Ten bound too…unless someone else offers even more money

November 19, 2012 | Glenn Clark

The “Not so Elite” 7…

1. I can’t wait to see how Maryland’s innovative “can’t throw” offense works against Nebraska!

B1G bound? RAWR!

That was apparently hacked…which is a shame because this was good…

There is really no reason why we should be discussing ANYTHING about Maryland’s blowout loss to Florida State Saturday, but how can I resist a chance to look at this Stefon Diggs grab again?

Maryland wraps the season next week at North Carolina…so…um…maybe we’ll get to see more of this?

From the “teams not leaving the ACC, at least not yet” file, here’s Ray Lewis speaking to Clemson’s football team…

And Virginia Tech wore turkey helmets because no one knows why…

2. How…in the world…do you come away with five interceptions in a game and lose? Oh…oh right…you’re the Arizona Cardinals. Sorry.

The Cards thought if they could force a million turnovers, there MIGHT be a prayer their offense wouldn’t cough it up. They were wrong. They took a loss despite heroic efforts like this…

Seriously…how was this guy THE BEST QUARTERBACK BY FAR ON THE FIELD?

Jonathan Babineaux scored a touchdown and had an awesome…layup?

3. Maybe there’s something wrong with my eyesight. You mean to tell me the team Towson DESTROYED Saturday made the FCS Playoffs but the Tigers DIDN’T?

The season is over for the Tigers after being left out of the FCS title picture. This happened despite the fact that they blew out New Hampshire Saturday. The Wildcats MADE the playoffs. Makes sense, sure.

Enjoy the game that helped clinch a CAA title for Towson for the second straight year. Kudos to Rob Ambrose and company…

And in hoops action, somehow Towson managed to get Kennesaw State to score NEGATIVE points in the second half Sunday night…

4. The New England Patriots decided it was so important to keep scoring up 52-24 in the fourth quarter that they were willing to lose Rob Gronkowski over it.

They DID manage to get something from new acquisition Aqib Talib though…

Julian Edelman was doing Julian Edelman things in the win…

Since you deserve a good chuckle today, here’s Vince Wilfork diving for a football…

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  1. Al Says:

    –While I’m terribly biased on grading helmets when using my beloved Miami Dolphins helmet as my standard bearer, I must say that Naval Academy helmet was a thing of pure beauty.

    –That underhanded throw from Josh Freeman was insane…but I wonder if he can throw a ball through the uprights from 50 yards out while on his knees?

    –You should hire those 3 kids to both write and perform your new theme song for The Reality Check…them not butchering “Hey, Jude” was stunning.

    –Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to you (my little brother) and to Ryan for the great show of support Friday evening…it was much appreciated :-)

    I’ll be in a much better “donation” position this time next month so keep me posted on what you may need from me as we approach Christmas.


    (Edit from Glenn: You’re a good man, sir. The Gruden song is just tremendous…)

  2. Kerry from Brooklyn Park Says:

    Towson absolutely deserved to be in the playoffs! I think Towson is the best college team in the state. Also Tavon Austin should be in the running for the Heisman trophy. He has had an incredible year topped off by that performance against Oklahoma. Our local paper should be making a big deal about him; but they are not. Possibly the best football player to ever come out of Baltimore. Future NFL first round pick!

    (Edit from Glenn: Austin’s day Saturday was simply unreal. He got married in the Heisman race early by his own teammate Geno Smith and unfortunately their record will probably keep him out of the conversation.)

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