The 15-7-0 is Big Ten bound too…unless someone else offers even more money

November 19, 2012 | Glenn Clark

The 15-7-0 is Big Ten bound too…unless someone else offers even more money

5. I swear the last time I looked Oregon was a good offensive football team.

You want to know what it looks like when a fanbase realizes it won’t be headed to the national championship?

How did they not get postgame reaction from THIS group…

At least the game was free of controversy…

6. If “worst team in the NFL” was up to a vote, getting blown out at home by the New York Jets would be a pretty convincing argument.

Shonn Greene apparently drove his “truck” to St. Louis…

In victory, the Jets proved once again they know EXACTLY how to use Tim Tebow successfully…

7. Don’t worry Kansas State fans, your friends weren’t going to give a sh*t about your stories about the time your school was #1 anyway.

Baylor players were excited about pulling the upset…

Also excited? Baylor fans…

Elsewhere in the Big 12, Tavon Austin ran for six million yards and Geno Smith did this…

And your “zero” from outside football who deserves to sleep on the roof…

They might as well call them the “Ashington Izards.” I’m pretty sure you know the rest of the bit.

It’s especially cruel that they force anyone who wants to leave a game early to be hit in the crotch with a stick…

Maybe the ‘Zards can just start tanking now and draft UCLA’s Joshua Smith???

(Thanks to Deadspin, ESPN, Fox Sports, Busted Coverage, SB Nation, The AP/, Memes of the NFL, Yahoo! Sports, USA Today, CBS Sports, The Big Lead, SportsGrid, Bob’s Blitz, Larry Brown Sports, Bleacher Report and Guyism for tips/photos/videos.)

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  1. Al Says:

    –While I’m terribly biased on grading helmets when using my beloved Miami Dolphins helmet as my standard bearer, I must say that Naval Academy helmet was a thing of pure beauty.

    –That underhanded throw from Josh Freeman was insane…but I wonder if he can throw a ball through the uprights from 50 yards out while on his knees?

    –You should hire those 3 kids to both write and perform your new theme song for The Reality Check…them not butchering “Hey, Jude” was stunning.

    –Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to you (my little brother) and to Ryan for the great show of support Friday evening…it was much appreciated :-)

    I’ll be in a much better “donation” position this time next month so keep me posted on what you may need from me as we approach Christmas.


    (Edit from Glenn: You’re a good man, sir. The Gruden song is just tremendous…)

  2. Kerry from Brooklyn Park Says:

    Towson absolutely deserved to be in the playoffs! I think Towson is the best college team in the state. Also Tavon Austin should be in the running for the Heisman trophy. He has had an incredible year topped off by that performance against Oklahoma. Our local paper should be making a big deal about him; but they are not. Possibly the best football player to ever come out of Baltimore. Future NFL first round pick!

    (Edit from Glenn: Austin’s day Saturday was simply unreal. He got married in the Heisman race early by his own teammate Geno Smith and unfortunately their record will probably keep him out of the conversation.)

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