“A win’s a win” for Towson tonight

November 24, 2008 | Drew Forrester

What happens when a team comes into your arena with no basketball conference to call home, no wins over the last two seasons — and no hope for winning tonight?

Most times, it’s a 40-point blowout win in which the victors clear the bench and give everyone a chance to get in on the party.

Once in a blue moon, the favorites just never get it going, the underdogs hang around for a while, and what you get in the end is a wasted game.

Tonight, the blue moon was shining brightly on the Towson Center.

The Tigers won on Monday over New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Let’s get that out of the way.  A win is a win is a win.  Towson triumphed 61-48 to improve to 3-1 on the season.  Calvin Lee and Junior Hairston both scored 13 for the Tigers to lead the way.

But it wasn’t pretty.  And even though it was hardly ever in doubt throughout most of the second half, the Tigers better not stuff themselves with turkey on Thursday.  Coming up next, a trip to Philadelphia where the Towson will face Villanova (Fri.) and either Rhode Island or Penn State (Sat.).  

If Towson plays in Philly like they played tonight, they’ll lose both nights by 20.

I’m sure Pat Kennedy will be working them long and hard Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for the showdown with Villanova on Friday night at the Palestra.

There’s not much else to report from Monday night’s win over NJIT.

The Tigers did enough to win.  The players didn’t look all that interested in doing much more than that.

They’ll be stepping up in class big-time this weekend.

We’ll see just how far Pat’s Cats have come on Friday and Saturday up in Philadelphia.