If you’re “a fan” of WNST, you know we’re the L-O-C-A-L sports leader

November 15, 2013 | Drew Forrester

In my “Cheap Shot From the Bleachers” on Thursday’s show, I addressed an e-mail I received earlier in the week from Charles Watkins in which he basically said it’s his opinion that WNST’s coverage of local sports is a detriment to our progress.  He went on to make a comparison to our rival on the FM side and noted they spend more time talking about “national sports” like the NBA and wondered if perhaps that’s the reason why their programming is better.

Charles noted in his e-mail:  “One of the reasons more people like ‘the FM station’ than you guys is they don’t bog down their progams with talk about colleges that no one cares about.”

If you head to WNST.net and check out the Buy A Toyota.com audio vault RIGHT HERE, you’ll hear my on-air reply to his e-mail.

Well, last night at the SECU Arena, you got all the proof you need about which “local sports leader” (that’s what they call themselves in on-air promos on the FM station) really cares about LOCAL.

Towson played Temple on Thursday night at the brand new, gorgeous SECU Arena on the campus of Towson University.  The Tigers are coming off of their best season in 15 years and are pre-season favorites to win the CAA.  They were off to a 2-0 start before hosting the Owls last night, a program that is a perennial NCAA tournament team under their outstanding coach, Fran Dunphy.  Last night was, give or take a game or two, the biggest college basketball game played in Towson, Maryland since the 1990’s.

WNST had three staffers on site covering the game.  Our “beat reporter”, Robert Canady, was there with pre-game, in-game and post-game coverage.  Both Glenn Clark and I were there also, as we are for approximately 90% of the Towson home games.

Our @WNST twitter account was alive with Towson basketball updates throughout the evening.

The FM station in town sent no one to cover the game.  None of their on-air staffers were there, either as a casual fan or “on the job”.

The FM station’s twitter account?  Well, they had ZERO mentions of Towson basketball last night.


Not a halftime score.  Not a final result.

According to the FM station last night, Towson basketball didn’t exist.

WNST covers all of the local schools; UMBC, Loyola, Coppin St., Morgan State, Hopkins, Towson, etc.

According to people like Charles, that somehow puts us “behind” the FM station when it comes to programming, interest and ratings.

By the way, Towson improved to 3-0 with a terrific 75-69 win over Temple last night.

But you knew that if you were following @WNST on Twitter.

And you didn’t know that if you’re a “fan” of the FM station in town.


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  1. Robert Says:

    I don’t know who owns the FM station, but I do know WNST’s ownership is local & that might account for the situation. I also know that buying local helps us local yokels far more by helping to keep jobs here instead of helping other states or countries. Cheers.

  2. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    I do like the concentration on local sports at WNST. National sports news is easy to find on the internet. I wish you guys had a weekday evening show, 6 to 9 (or 10). That is prime listening time for me. Of course, in the winter the signal tend to come and go after the sun goes down, but I know there is not much to be done about that.

  3. Russ Says:

    The few times that I have tuned into the FM station, I heard too much of Steve Davis and his stances on social positions. Nobody cares about his political leanings or his social stances. They care about SPORTS and that is why they would be listening. He really likes to tell everyone stories about he and Monica but I doubt anyone cares to hear it. Ed Norris, and some of the former NST guys seem to be a solid sports guys but Davis spoils the show.

  4. Chris Says:

    I will always support local before I support national with any businesses in the area. I believe we should always support local businesses if we can. They are the lifeblood of our (and all communities). Plus I like when you guys talk about Towson. You are the only reason I got into Towson football the last 2 years. I’m not as into the other schools around here but I get why you talk about them. Keep up the good work.

  5. tsnamm Says:

    “Colleges no one cares about”…Really? I doubt that Charles grew up in Baltimore. That being said if he’s more interested in the Indiana Pacers, or Milwaukee Bucks then by all means listen to “The FAN”. What is interesting is that CBS has allowed almost all of their sports talk stations nationwide to be called “The FAN”, stealing the moniker from thr original sports talk station in NYC WFAN. That being said, with the exception of WFAN, most CBS Sportsradio“The FAN’s” are cookie cutter operations more like Walmart or an Exxon station than anything resembling “local sports”. If people like Charles want the radio equivalent of the USA Today for sports, that’s fine. But for most of us like myself, I’m interested in what is going on here where I live from people who know our sports town.

  6. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Where I live I do not receive your radio signal, but I do occasionally listen on the net. WNST.NET is my only choice I turn to for anything local Baltimore sports related. Keep up the good reporting, it is appreciated !!!

  7. Kerry from Brooklyn Park Says:

    I love your local coverage of our teams. In fact the football team from Towson is the best Division one school in the state and their basketball team may very well be by years end. I for one am sick of hearing the same National stories getting beat to death. Your station is refreshing! Please don’t change. Tell Charles to call a cab!

  8. The Armchair QB Says:

    Why would I listen to any other radio talk show than the….BEST! Besides, now that you almost ALWAYS agree with me, it’s made my life so much easier in the mornings! LOL! Seriously, you guys do a great job of helping us keep abreast of OUR teams. So, from one loyal fan….keep up the good work!

  9. Sam Says:

    Who cares about being the best local sports leader? (even though I know you are) the point is that you guys care…whether or not ratings reflect that is bologna. What matters is that WNST gives us the fans everything we could ask for….local coverage, trips to see ALL our local sports teams, parties during those trips, texts and up to the minute information. If it weren’t for WNST this city would be seriously lacking in the Sports realm in general. Half the reason why so many people get to enjoy all those Ravens roadies is because of WNST…I get all my necessary texts from WNST as well….the hell with ratings…its about what WNST provides for us the fans and the city of Baltimore, and that is TOP NOTCH!

    Thanks guys!

  10. Glenn Smith Says:

    Steve Davis is an atrocity ! Vinny is knowledgeable but u scratch your head when u think he went 14-167 as a gm. Scott Garceau is a nice person but is a bore on the radio. My point is nst has character…, local coverage is what the station thrives on. Wbal ravens coverage could be so much more … But hold on let’s go to another news break!!! 980 is @ redskin park all week. What a difference in coverage because I am in dc some times for work. Anyway my question is Thyrl related to lefty dresiell .? Well u no… Thyrl has come a long way .., does a good job

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