Towson Football Preview- Head Coach Rob Ambrose “It’s a hell of a time to be in Towson to be a Tiger.”

August 30, 2011 | John Collingsworth

The Towson Tigers look to bounce back in the upcoming 2011 season under 3rd year head coach Rob Ambrose with a strong and experienced defense led by junior defensive end and All-American candidate Frank Beltre.

With only three wins in two years for the football team during the Ambrose era, this is the first season where the word ‘winning’ has been mentioned by the head coach to his squad, and the atmosphere surrounding the program is hard not to gravitate towards. Coach Ambrose admits his outlook on the upcoming season has changed compared to the previous two campaigns.

“It’s amazing. The best way I can describe it is this is the first time that I’ve actually cracked a smile…We’ve put the seeds in the ground, we’ve watered them, we’ve fertilized them, and you can finally start to see them grow. And that’s a great thing to watch. These kids finally understand themselves as players and as a team to what they can be and finally start to culminate wins.”

Gaining momentum in the competitive Colonial Athletic Association is a challenge in itself. Bringing on board Old Dominion this year and Georgia State next season, which is coached by Baltimore Colts own Bill Curry, adds another hurdle for the Tigers football squad to overcome during their rebuilding process.

The team needs to be competitive this season. Though it is a cliché, this community yearns for a winning team on the grid iron during the autumn evenings. Now I will be the first one to say that Towson football has not been the focal point of Baltimore sports throughout recent years, but as head coach Rob Ambrose pointed out last week, the university was only 800 people away from setting an all-time high in season attendance with only one win. That tells you the folks in Towson know what is around the corner.

Frank Beltre, junior defensive end, was selected to the Preseason All-CAA Team, and he illuminated on how different this year’s team is from the past two years under Ambrose.

“We are more focused. We make less mental mistakes…we make sure the little things don’t slide by. If someone does something wrong, we call them out.”

And when asked how many wins the Towson football team will have this year, Beltre responded, “The question you should ask is how many loses we will have.”

With the season opener September 3rd against cross-town rival Morgan State, Ambrose is looking forward to see Johnny Unitas Stadium packed when the first whistle blows. Not only that, but Towson does not leave the state of Maryland until they play their sixth game, and according to head coach Rob Ambrose, that means everything.

“I think it’s awesome. There’s a comfortability factor that allows you to settle in, dig your feet in your home dirt, and stand your ground. And that’s exciting for our guys,” Ambrose exclaimed. “The kids are excited about the ability to stay home and fight the fight on their home ground.”

The university wants a winner, the coaching staff needs a winner, the players want to win, and fans want to cheer on a winner. Head coach Rob Ambrose ended on this note,“It’s a hell of a time to be in Towson to be a Tiger.”

WNST is the flagship station of the Towson Tigers for the 2011-2012 season!

Also every Thursday @ 6 pm, ‘Tiger Talk’ will be held LIVE at Bill Bateman’s in Towson where you can meet Rob Ambrose and other coaches from Towson University.  

Towson Tigers 2011 Football Schedule

Saturday, September 3rd– HOME against Morgan State- 7:00 pm

Saturday, September 10th– HOME against Villanova- 7:00 pm (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, September 24th– HOME against Colgate- 7:00 pm (Homecoming)

Saturday, October 1st– AWAY against Maryland- TBA

Saturday, October 8th– HOME against Richmond- 7:30 pm (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, October 15th– AWAY against Old Dominion 3:30 pm (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, October 22nd– AWAY against William & Mary- 3:30 pm (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, October 29th– HOME against Delaware- 7:00 pm (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, November 5th– AWAY against Maine- 1:00 pm (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, November 12th– HOME against New Hampshire- TBA (CAA Conference Game)

Saturday, November 19th– AWAY against Rhode Island- 12:30pm (CAA Conference Game)