College hoops: Drexel beats Towson, 60-53

January 31, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Game Summary:  Towson scratched their way back into this one this afternoon, trailing by as few as four points with 45 seconds to go in the game, but foul-line misses by Junior Hairston (2) and Rocky Coleman (1) down the stretch hurt the Tigers as Drexel pulled out a 60-53 win at the Towson Center.

Coleman was a bright spot for the Tigers, chipping in 9 points in 25 minutes of play.  Freshman point guard Troy Franklin fouled out with five minutes remaining in the game, giving Coleman the opportunity to run the offense in the game’s final moments and the senior from Baltimore did a nice job for Pat Kennedy’s team.  

Hairston led all scorers with 18 points on the afternoon, but Towson trailed throughout most of the game by 8-10 points and when they closed the gap in the final minute, poor foul shooting and lack of rebounding sent the Tigers to 3-8 in conference play.

Drexel was led by Gerald Colds (14) and Scott Rodgers (12).  The Dragons, picked to finish last in the pre-season CAA coaches poll, are now 8-3 on the year and have won 7 straight games overall.

For Towson, it continues to be an issue “down low”, as the Tigers just don’t have a presence under the basket – at either end of the floor.

The Tigers will travel to Old Dominion to take on the Monarchs this Tuesday at 7pm.



10:27 left:  Troy Franklin just picked up his 4th foul of the game and the last two have been in his offensive end of the floor.  I’ve liked Franklin all year but the Tigers are 22 games into their season and he is a foul-out liability just about every game.  Towson MUST figure out a way to keep him on the floor next season if they want to move up the CAA ladder.  

It’s 40-32 in favor of Drexel at the halfway point of the second half.  Drexel’s defensive effort has been superb today and Towson has actually done a decent job on the defensive end as well.  This is a typical hard-fought CAA game…but right now, Drexel is getting the better of it.

An outstanding crowd is on hand here today at the Towson Center.  I haven’t seen the official number but I’m betting it’s the biggest crowd of the season to date.  Somewhere around 2,700…is my guess.


15:12 remaining in the game: It’s been a low scoring second half thus far, which is just the way Drexel likes it, I assume.  It was 32-24 at the half – and now it’s 34-26 in favor of Drexel after 4:48 has been played here in the second half.  Drexel’s perimeter defense has been exceptional and Towson – with no real big man to speak of – just doesn’t have anyone on the inside to make Drexel pay for their man-to-man defensive scheme.  Coach Bruiser Flint of Drexel spoke before the game about holding Towson to 60 points or less – “we’ll have a heckuva chance to win if we do that”…well Towson’s at 26 at this point.  Bruiser’s Dragons are looking pretty good right now.


Halftime – Too much Scott Rodgers so far, as Rodgers leads Drexel with 11 points and the Dragons own a 32-24 halftime lead at the Towson Center today.  Drexel has won six straight conference games and it will take a good offensive effort from the Tigers in the second half to avoid losing today.  

Junior Hairston leads Towson with 10 points.


5:01/first half – Drexel has connected on three consecutive 3-pointers to take a 25-18 lead at Towson.

Gerald Colds is 2-for-2 from the 3-point arc so far for the Dragons, while Scott Rodgers has helped Drexel with nine points.  Junior Hairston leads Towson with 7 points.


10:28 left in the first half: The Tigers are up early on Drexel, 12-8, at the Towson Center.  

Junior Hairston has four points for the Tigers, who are trying to beat an above .500 team in the conference for the first time this season.  Drexel has won six straight CAA games coming into this afternoon’s match-up.

This could be the best basketball crowd I’ve seen at Towson since the Temple home game here four years ago.

The stands behind the home side are nearly filled and the other side is 70% occupied.  2,500-3,000 here this afternoon…that’s my guess.

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