Another win, another Tuesday Top 7

November 04, 2008 | Drew Forrester

It’s hard enough to compile a Tuesday Top 7 when the team loses…but when they win 37-27 and you have about 10 players who were outstanding, how do you put them in order?  I just put ’em in a hat and start drawing names.

Not really.

But it IS difficult to pick the Top 7 this week.  That said, the list is below and ready for your review.

7. Ben Grubbs — Team rushes for 193 yards and 4.7 yards per-carry.  It’s not just the running backs.  Grubbs has been terrific all year.  Not many people have noticed.  Except the QB and RB’s, that is.  A Ravens official said to me Monday — “Ben hasn’t had a bad half this year…let alone a bad game.”

6. Ray Lewis — 4 solo tackles on the day aren’t typical 52 numbers, but if you notice, Cleveland didn’t throw the ball across the middle much (probably because no one wanted to go get it?) and that reduced the number of highlight-hits Ray could amass.  He’s on the list because of “the speech” in the 3rd quarter.  Period.  Players said the hair stood up on the back of their neck when he was yelling.  When Ray talks, E.F. Hutton listens.  Seriously.

5. Bart Scott — Maybe he’s starting to “smell the money” too, but Bart had a whopping 10 tackle day including 7 in run support as the Ravens – again – completely clamped down on the opposition’s running game with help from the linebackers. 

4. Mark Clayton — Yep, Mark Clayton.  4 catches for 87 yards and a 47-yard TD reception.  Enough said, really.  The Ravens need him to come through.  Sunday, he did.

3. Joe Flacco — Joe Cool was at it again on Sunday, guiding the Ravens back from a 27-13 second half deficit.  Has now gone three straight games without throwing a pick and has completely, COMPLETELY, erased the memory of that debacle in…in…where was it?  See.

2. Derrick Mason — I’m starting to think he could catch Bin Laden.  He catches everything else.  9 catches for 136 yards and a TD on Sunday.  If the season ended today, he’d be in the Pro Bowl.  If the season ended today, he’d be the Ravens offensive MVP. 

1. Ray Rice — 154 yards on the ground and a backbreaking 60-yard scamper in the 4th quarter that set up Baltimore’s go-ahead field goal.  Also caught three passes out of the backfield.  Continues to “do it all”…the question is, how much will he do when McGahee comes back?  Glad that’s not my decision.

Season point totals —

7. Ray Rice – 14 points

6. Le’Ron McClain – 15 points

5. Jarrett Johnson – 16 points

4. Terrell Suggs – 22 points

3. Derrick Mason – 23 points

2. Ray Lewis – 23 points

1. Joe Flacco – 24 points