Baltimore’s Best…continued

March 29, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Lots of feedback from today’s “Best of Baltimore” list…”The top 12 things every Baltimore sports fan should do once in his/her life.” Tons of emails and a good number of phone calls, including one from Dave in Bel Air who triggered an old memory when he brought up Dorsey Speedway in Anne Arundel County. Back in the 1970’s, my dad and I used to go every Saturday night for about 5 years. I even threw out the name of one of the great drivers from Dorsey Speedway days…Claude Dilks. Where on earth I came up with that name, I have no idea, but it was lodged in the back of my sports brain somewhere.

Anyway, here’s my list from today’s show if you missed it. I’m not really going to elaborate on WHY I put these on my list, since that would take up way too much time, and space, but feel free to email me at: – if you’d like to comment on any of them.

Top 12 things every Baltimore sports fan should do once in his/her life –

#12 – Go to the south side of the football stadium before a home game and watch the Ravens players arrive for work…park their cars…walk into the stadium…right in front of you.
#11 – Play the 18th hole at Clifton Park Golf Course (phenomenal view of the downtown skyline).
#10 – Go to Little Italy and watch an important Italian soccer game/World Cup game with the Italians.
#9 – Run a corporate golf or tennis event for the charity of your choice.
#8 – Visit the Sports Legends Museum/Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum
#7 – Attend the Ed Block Courage Awards Dinner
#6 – Listen to a Baltimore baseball game on the radio…on your porch…on a balmy summer night.
#5 – Attend a Curley-Calvert Hall high school soccer game at Curley.
#4 – Attend a local high school basketball game pitting the area’s top ranked teams in a high school gym (I saw Towson Catholic-Mt. St. Joe a couple of years ago. Amazing!)
#3 – Attend a college basketball game at RAC Arena at UMBC
#2 – Attend The Preakness
#1 – See a Navy home football game (preferably one in Baltimore…Navy/Notre Dame, Army/Navy)

A lot of people e-mailed me about “The Turkey Bowl” played each Thanksgiving between Loyola and Calvert Hall. It made my initial list, but didn’t make the Final 12 mostly because when I attended the game (both at 33rd St. and M&T Bank) it just wasn’t that appealing to someone like me who didn’t have an attachment to one of the two schools. It is, though, an event everyone should see, I agree on that.Friday’s list…The 10 things Baltimore needs in order to be a better sports city.
Speaking of Friday, I have a VERY special guest coming in studio with me tomorrow.  Many of you familiar with the Erinn McCarthy story (you can go to our golf tournament info page and read her story there if you’ve missed it) will recall in the story how 14-year old Erinn called her best friend, Melissa, when she learned from her parents that the doctors couldn’t do anything else for her. Her remark to Melissa after giving her the bad news, “Well, are we still going to the Mall tomorrow?” was one of the quotes that many of you have pointed to as the reason you are interested in helping us honor Erinn on May 24th at our golf outing. That
quote showed how Erinn refused to look ahead and ponder dark days, instead focusing only on tomorrow and the adventures of going to the mall with her friend, Melissa Cascio.

Melissa Cascio will be joining me in studio tomorrow morning at 7:30 am with a very special announcement. I’m not going to spoil the moment for her, but Melissa has taken it upon herself to initiate a fund-raising drive in Erinn’s memory and I’ll turn the mic over to her tomorrow morning to allow her the opportunity to tell everyone what she’s doing.

Speaking of Erinn, a great number of you have e-mailed me about the golf outing and some of you are wondering how you can contribute to our event even though you don’t play golf. I’ll give all of the “non-golfers” a chance to contribute next week when I launch “Eagles for Erinn” during Masters week. Starting on Monday, anyone who wants to get involved will simply call the show and I will have 12 names of prominent Masters participants in a hat (Woods, Mickelson, Singh, Ogilvy, Els, Garcia, etc.). I will draw one name from the hat for you…if that player makes an eagle during the Masters, you donate $25.00 to Maryvale Preparatory School, the benefactor of this year’s WNST Charity Golf Outing presented in honor of Erinn McCarthy. (In golf, an eagle is a “1” on a par-3, a “2” on a par-4 or a “3” on a par-5…chances of a player making one during a round of golf are about 5-10%…maybe 20% or so for the tournament).

I will keep track of all contestants and their player and read off the Eagles on the Comcast Morning Show next Friday, April 6 and Monday, April 9. That’s just another way we can help raise money for Erinn’s cause and, at the same time, involve those of you who play golf with us on May 24th.

Have a great Thursday! This is spring in Baltimore…I’m still not feeling 100% but I think I’ll even go to the range at Mountain Branch and hit a few balls today.

Talk to you tomorrow morning —