Morning Reaction (Season Long) Tuesday Top 7 Ravens

January 18, 2011 | Glenn Clark

Confusing? Maybe. Yes, in our “Tuesday Top 7” rankings this week, we included our final season point totals.

HOWEVER…we by no means believe our final season point totals were accurate reflections of who the Top 7 players were on the team this season.

So with that in mind, we present our “Tuesday Top 7” FINAL season rankings of the best Baltimore Ravens.

Does that make more sense? No? We’re just going to go with it anyway…

Glenn Clark’s Top 7…

7. Sam Koch


6. Ray Lewis

5. Ray Rice

4. Joe Flacco

3. Ed Reed

2. Terrell Suggs

1. Haloti Ngata

Drew Forrester’s Top 7…

7. Ray Lewis

6. Derrick Mason

5. Ray Rice

4. Ed Reed

3. Joe Flacco

2. Haloti Ngata

1. Terrell Suggs

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