Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7 Sports Figures you’d like to place a bounty on

March 27, 2012 | Luke Jones

In honor of the New Orleans Saints being hammered with discipline from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell due to a shocking bounty scandal, The Morning Reaction offers the Tuesday Top 7 sports figures you’d like to place a bounty on.

Included in parentheses is the reward Luke Jones and Drew Forrester would offer upon completion of the hit on each individual.

Disclaimer: The Morning Reaction does not condone violence, and this was done for amusement purposes only.

Luke Jones’ Top 7 … (To hear his explanation, click HERE)

7) Roger Clemens (autographed Andy Pettitte baseball)

6) Terrell Owens (a year’s supply of popcorn)

5) ESPN personality Skip Bayless (authentic Terrell Suggs jersey)

4) LeBron James (paid trip to Game 7 of the NBA Finals since “King” James certainly won’t show up)

3) Albert Belle (all of Luke’s Halloween candy for the next five years)

2) Barry Bonds (autographed Hank Aaron bat and an adjustable Giants cap for the ever-growing head)

1) WWE chairman Vince McMahon (paid trip to Wrestlemania XXVIII)

Drew Forrester’s Top 7 … (To hear his explanation, click HERE)

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