Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7: Things In Sports We Can Simply Do Without

July 12, 2011 | Glenn Clark

This week’s Tuesday Top 7 was dedicated to the great Chris Berman from ESPN. As I was following on Twitter Monday night while watching the Home Run Derby, I was reminded that I wasn’t the only person watching that was simply tired of the Chris Berman “shtick.”

With that in mind, our Tuesday Top 7 topic was “The Top 7 Things In Sports We Can Simply Do Without.” Self-explanatory, yes?

Glenn Clark’s list…

7. Colin Cowherd


6. Having 50 different “cups” in soccer


5. NBA players getting out of the way so they don’t get dunked on

4. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” anywhere but Wrigley Field

3. Preseason All-Conference teams


2. The 4th NFL preseason game


1. Major League Baseball’s “unwritten rules”


Drew Forrester’s list…

7. Day long Super Bowl pre-game show

6. Stalling in lacrosse


5. Tampering rule in NFL preventing you from discussing free agents


4. One stroke penalty for hitting ball out of bounds in golf


3. MLB “Umpire Snobbery”


2. Baltimore Colts recognized as Indianapolis Colts at Pro Football Hall of Fame

1. Guaranteed multi-year contracts


If you missed the explanation of why these players made the list on “The Morning Reaction” Tuesday on AM1570 WNST, hit the Audio Vault here at!

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