Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7 things in sports you’d like to see banned

February 28, 2012 | Luke Jones

In honor of the Boston Red Sox banning beer in its clubhouse, Drew Forrester and Luke Jones of “The Morning Reaction” rank their Top 7 things in sports they’d like to see banned.

Luke Jones’ Top 7 … (Listen to full explanation HERE)

7) Sideline reporters (male or female)

6) Shooting sleeves

5) Pitchers batting

4) Uncreative nicknames that simply involve shortening a player’s name

3) Publicly-funded stadiums and arenas

2) Outrageous college commitment announcements

1) NFL Pro Bowl

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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Tight football jerseys with no arm pits on lineman. Holding penalty should be called “Throw Downs”

  2. Cliff Says:

    Luke, I agree with most of your picks for the 7 things I’d like to see banned from sports. Epecially the SIDELINE REPORTERS at a football TV game. The only exception would have been to me, was Michelle Tafoya. There for a while, she had the cutest face on TV. I never listened that much to what she said (lol); I just liked looking at her. (My wife would kill me!!!)

    The other thing that is plain just silly to me is in every basketball game; they slap hands at the free-throw line, even if the person misses a free throw. It is annoying to me, but they all seem to like to do it.

    (L.J. – That’s a good addition with the free-throw line decorum. Thanks for reading!)

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