Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7 things in sports you’d like to see banned

February 28, 2012 | Luke Jones

Drew Forrester’s Top 7 … (Listen to full explanation HERE)

7) The use of the “N-word” in any context

6) Using fines to discipline

5) Players and coaches begging for calls

4) Outrageous college commitment announcements

3) Stroke and distance penalty in golf

2) Fighting in baseball

1) Offside rule in soccer


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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Tight football jerseys with no arm pits on lineman. Holding penalty should be called “Throw Downs”

  2. Cliff Says:

    Luke, I agree with most of your picks for the 7 things I’d like to see banned from sports. Epecially the SIDELINE REPORTERS at a football TV game. The only exception would have been to me, was Michelle Tafoya. There for a while, she had the cutest face on TV. I never listened that much to what she said (lol); I just liked looking at her. (My wife would kill me!!!)

    The other thing that is plain just silly to me is in every basketball game; they slap hands at the free-throw line, even if the person misses a free throw. It is annoying to me, but they all seem to like to do it.

    (L.J. – That’s a good addition with the free-throw line decorum. Thanks for reading!)

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