The Tuesday Top 7

September 23, 2008 | Drew Forrester

It’s time for another edition of Tuesday’s Top 7, where I give you my top seven players from the most recent Ravens’ game and provide the “season tally” after two games in 2008. A player getting the #7 position gets ONE point in the standings, the 6th player gets TWO points, etc. – and the player ranked #1 gets 7 points.

Sunday vs. Cleveland

7. Ed Reed — His 3rd quarter pick and return for a TD was part of a frenzied minute where the Ravens put the game away. Still looks like he’s favoring his training camp injury…but he’s always been a game-changing player and Sunday was no different.

6. Chris McAlister — Another Sunday, another big-mouth wide receiver (Edwards) leaves with his tail between his legs. CMac was also “right man, right place” on the 3rd quarter interception. If he’s healthy, no one in the league gets over on him.

5. Jared Gaither — The Ravens ran for 151 yards…about 120 of it behind Gaither and Ben Grubbs. Flacco’s passing success (13/19) can be attributed to Gaither’s protection skills, as well. Don’t look now, but maybe, just maybe, the Ravens have found their NEW left tackle to replace J.O.

4. Le’Ron McClain — Two TD’s for L-Mac and another solid game bullying his way through the opposing defense in the 4th quarter when the Ravens punished the Browns interior line.

3. Jim Leonhard — Burst onto the scene Sunday with exceptional special teams work in place of injured Yamon Figurs — and then contributed mightily in the secondary when Dawan Landry was hurt. He was everywhere Sunday and certainly earned his keep against bigger, stronger pass catchers.

2. Terrell Suggs — Two sacks and a couple of tackles — always at his best when he’s wreaking havoc on the edge and making life tough for the other team’s quarterback. His energy helped the Ravens defense turn the game around in the 3rd quarter.

1. Ray Lewis — Any doubt about this one? None. Changed the game with his hit on Kellen Winslow and continues to show – despite what some people think – he hasn’t lost a few steps. He’s just playing smarter these days, that’s all. Still a wrecking machine. As the Browns found out.

Overall Points Leaders through 2 games in ’08 —

5. Jim Leonhard – 5 pts
    Jared Gaither – 5 pts
    Joe Flacco – 5 pts
4. Ray Lewis – 7 pts
3. Chris McAlister – 8 pts
2. Terrell Suggs – 9 pts
1. Le’Ron McClain – 11 pts