The Tuesday Top 7 on Wednesday

October 01, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Week three is in the books and for the first time this season, I’m compiling the Tuesday Top 7 after a defeat. Not as easy as doing it after a win, obviously.

At the bottom, you’ll also see the updated season-long point standings. Keep in mind, the points are allocated in opposite order of player’s ranking in the Top 7. A player finishing 7th gets 1 point…the player finishing 1st gets 7 points.

Week #3 vs. Pittsburgh

#7 – Bart Scott — Sure, he whiffed on the 3rd quarter sack on Big Ben that would have negated the Hines Ward catch, but Scott took the Mendenhall text message to heart. He was all over the field, particularly in the first half. Bart was in on 7 tackles and was 2nd on the defense with 5 solo tackles.

#6 – Terrell Suggs — One sack on the night and 4 solo tackles, like Scott, Suggs was very prominent in the first half when the Ravens built their lead. It’s early, but he’s looking like a Pro-Bowler so far.

#5 – Haloti Ngata – The big man had an interception and was part of that steel-hard defensive line that allowed Pittsburgh just 69 yards rushing. Four solo tackles on the night. Speaking of Pro-Bowler…

#4 – Le’Ron McClain — Had 89 yards of total offense (63 rushing, 26 receiving) and was pressed into full-time when McGahee went down with an injury. Might not be the punishing downhill runner that Jamal Lewis was during his purple hey-day, but watch the 4th quarter when McClain carries the ball…not many guys want to tackle him. Maybe the biggest surprise of the young season to date.

#3 – Joe Flacco — When’s the last time a Ravens’ QB took the team on a 76 yard drive in the 4th quarter on the road to tie the game? Right, keep thinking about it. Recovered nicely from having the ball swatted out of his hand in the 3rd quarter and looked like it didn’t faze him one bit throughout the remainder of the game. Made a terrific play out of nothing in the 2nd quarter when he ran around for 15 seconds before finally catching up with Derrick Mason for a big gain. Just keeps getting better and better.

#2 – Ray Lewis — What a monster game from 52. Involved in 13 tackles, 7 of them of the solo variety, and was once again equally effective in run and passing situations. What more can you say about Ray-Ray? The man suits up every game and plays like it’s his last one.

#1 – Derrick Mason — 8 catches for 137 yards. And he did it on a night when D-Williams and Clayton were in the witness protection program and the team decided for some reason not to throw the ball to Heap. In other words, every time the Ravens faced a passing situation, the entire stadium knew Mason was getting the ball and the Steelers still couldn’t stop him.

Season-long point standings through week #3

7. Derrick Mason – 7 pts
    Jared Gaither – 7 pts
5. Chris McAlister – 8 pts
4. Joe Flacco – 10 pts
3. Terrell Suggs – 11 pts
2. Ray Lewis – 13 pts
1. Le’Ron McClain – 15 pts