Uninspired UMBC Women’s Basketball Drops Third Straight Home Game With 79-61 Loss to Vermont

January 21, 2010 |

After two road wins the UMBC women’s basketball team was looking forward to make a big move up the standings with three straight home games, but the team struggled and lost all three, concluding with a 79-51 loss to Vermont. Vermont is ranked #24 in the AP polls but it was not a game UMBC could not have won as they matched up well with the Catamounts. Vermont has one of the best guard duos in the nation but lack a serious and consistent interior weapon while Topé Obajolu has been a big factor in conference play for UMBC in the paint.

But the game started slow for UMBC and it carried over. They caused several turnovers in the first few minutes for Vermont, but just could not capitalize and score on their possessions.

There was just little energy in UMBC. They weren’t fighting for lose balls, weren’t boxing out, weren’t finishing plays, weren’t going in for offensive rebounds, etc. If you can’t do those little things and play with energy and emotion you can’t win a game, especially against one as talented as Vermont.