UMBC Continues Torrid Scoring Streak With 6-0 Win Over St. Joseph’s

September 06, 2009 |

Annapolis, MD- Stats in soccer are usually very deceiving and never tell the whole story, but this time it does a pretty good job of showing just how dominate UMBC was in this game.  St. Joseph’s never had a chance to score all game, literally.  UMBC dominated the Hawks on both sides of the ball.  As impressive as scoring six goals is the more impressive feat was that they held St. Joseph’s to just one shot on goal the entire game, which came with less than two minutes left and it did not have a chance to go in.  It was a desperation kick from 35 yards out that slowly rolled into goal keeper Phil Saunder’s hands.

The UMBC defense got out of their last two games with minimal damage, but got lucky on many occasions.  But this time the defense really stepped up and got the job done and did not give St. Joseph’s a chance to get any sort of momentum.  While Pete Caringi made a change in the starting lineup, replacing Joe Green with Jason McCarron, it was a complete team effort to shut down St. Joseph’s with much improved defensive play from not only the back line but also the midfield.

The offense though cannot be overlooked.  Winning a game in soccer 6-0 with just one shot on goal is almost the equivalent to winning a basketball game 80-15, an absolute rout of the opponent.  The game started the same way their previous game did, an goal by Andrew Bulls.  He scored of a free kick from the top of the box, blasting the ball to the right corner while the goal keeper did not even make a move to the ball.

Andrew Bulls

Andrew Bulls has five goals and three assists in three games.

The next two goals both came from Levi Houapeu and both were assisted by Bulls while the third goal came from the dynamic duo but in the opposite order, Houapeu got the ball to Bulls for the score.  To say Bulls and Houapeu are playing great is not quite giving them enough credit, they are on fire.  Last season Bulls scored eight goals and had one assist while Houapeu had just one goal and one assist.  This year is a completely different story for both.  Bulls has already score five goals and four assists while Houapeu has scored four goals and has three assists.  Also, they have combined for an astounding 23 shots on goal.  Any time a team has two guys who are that aggressive at the goal and that good of finishers they are in good shape to win a lot of games.

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Levi Houapeu has already quadrupled his number goal total from 2008.

The final two goals though were the most impressive.  Freshman Matt Knight, one of the three English players on UMBC’s roster this year, netted both of them off great plays.  On the first of his two goals fellow freshman Mark Lubetkin passed the ball through two St. Joseph’s defenders to Dustin Dzwonkowski, who crossed the ball to the ball to Knight on the right side, who finished the play with a chip to the right side of the goal.

His second goal however wins the award for goal of the game.  Dave Vaeth got control of the ball and sent it forward to Knight.  Knight blasted the ball from right side into the top left corner of the goal; the goalie has no chance of making a play on the ball.

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Matt Knight scored his first two goals against St. Joseph’s