UMBC Gets Thrashed By Binghamton, 80-63

January 27, 2010 |

In easily there worst performance of the year, the UMBC men’s basketball team came out in from of a home crowd completely flat against their 2009 Championship opponent Binghamton Bearcats as they lost, 80-63.

UMBC had a chance to get back into the game after a 34-27 halftime deficit when Chauncey Gilliam hit a short jumper to cut the Bearcat lead to four, but the Bearcats quickly pulled away with and left UMBC in the dust.

Until this point the Retrievers were not as bad as their 1-19 record, they were competitive, and showing a lot of effort in each game but were just coming up short.  But after the 17 points loss they seem worthy of their last place ranking in college basketball.

They were constantly beat back on defense, they made their first three-pointer with less than eight minutes in the game, they missed half of their free throws, they made terrible turnovers, and they let Binghamton free for several easy layups inside the entire game.

On offense, they never seemed to be running a real offense, they moved the ball around on the perimeter far more than necessary and when the clock got to one they took a very bad shot because they had to.  It seemed like a bunch of players just running around the floor trying to get open, but were unable to do so.