New Daily Theme To Look Forward To

May 01, 2009 |

As the underdog in this contest having no formal experience or training I feel a pressing need to distinguish myself in the competition.  I wanted to make this post to inform my fans about my new daily blog theme.  Nestor has said that we (the contestants) need to become more accessible to the listeners and those of you who patronize and to set ourselves apart from the other competition in the marketplace.  So in an effort to give you something to look forward to each day from me I will begin posting my daily themed blog as well as supplementing them with more specific content blogs. 



I will continue to give you keen insights on the major topics in Baltimore sports including Orioles, Ravens, and Terps news and inoformation, but along with that my daily blog will be about my random wandering thoughts from that day.  Being in an academic environment I think a lot during the day.  I mostly think about sports, but I also think about the many different topics I have to study in the various courses I am taking/have taken.  I also like to have conversations with professors, friends and family, and acquaintances which give me new ideas and thoughts about the things happening in the world. 



My title will be Wandering Thought Of The Day and the content of the blog will incorporate the topic that is most fresh in my mind.  It will include sports but may not be solely about sports.  The posts may include small elements of pop culture, politics, humor etc, or in other words more of what I have brought to my previous posts.  Today’s blog is already up if you would like to get a sample of what I thought about today.