What’s In A Name

May 04, 2009 |

Upon hearing my daily blog idea on the air today something occurred to me which had not previously, I need to change its name.  The theme is good, its premise is accurate, but the name just doesn’t reach out and grab you.  My radio appearance today showed me that I need to be more assertive in this competition. 


I let the guests on my show run the topic a little too much which is a result of my inexperience, as I have said I am the underdog in this competition but I hope that you can see my passion for and knowledge of Baltimore sports shine through.  Don’t worry about handing over the crown to an outsider, I am a Baltimorean like many of you, I was born at St. Joseph’s and I lived here through a good portion of my youth.  Although I did bump around later in life I kept my love of Baltimore sports with me and spread orange and purple everywhere I went (they are pretty noticeable colors).


“Wandering Thought of the Day”, it just doesn’t scream read me, so I am hereby announcing a renaming contest for my daily blog.  If you have any ideas or comments please post a comment below, I will pick the best one and unveil it hopefully by Wednesday.  Also if you are one of the people who called me about having trouble with posting comments you can email or text me your ideas.  I want to thank everyone for their support through this process and I hope to see everyone in Dundalk for the live show.