Another lesson learned: Don’t ever count on the Flyers to do anything helpful (ever)

April 04, 2014 | Drew Forrester


Just when you needed those smelly punks in Philadelphia to help you by defending their home turf, the Flyers laid an egg on Thursday evening by getting blanked at home by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It’s not over yet for the Caps, but if we were playing horse with their playoff chances, Ovechkin and Co. would have O-V-E.

Columbus, by beating those gutless clowns in Philly last night, now have 85 points, while Washington sits two spots back with 81 points.  The Caps, in fact, are now three points behind Toronto (84), although the Maple Leafs have played two more games.

Detroit has 86 points.  They, like Columbus, have played the same amount of games as the Caps (76).

Tonight in New Jersey, it’s a must-win situation for Washington if they hope to cling to any smidgen of hope that they can sneak into the NHL’s post-season.

A representative effort from the Flyers would have helped last night, but that didn’t happen.

It’s so heinous to even THINK about rooting for people like Claude Giroux that you almost deserve heartache if you pull for the Flyers to do anything positive.

But…last night…just once…we needed those rat finks to come through.

Naturally, they didn’t.

Moral of the story?  Never, ever rely on a bunch of losers to rise above what comes naturally to them.



For the record, I’m taking Florida to beat UConn and Wisconsin to beat Kentucky on Saturday.

Before the tournament started, my Final Four was Florida, Michigan State, Duke and Wisconsin, with Michigan State beating Wisconsin for the title.

If it works out the way I think it will, that means Florida will beat Wisconsin on Monday night.


I’m not sure if any of you are running in the 5k race to benefit Hopewell Cancer Support this Sunday morning at Goucher College, but if you are, please say hi to my Calvert Hall varsity golf team.  We (yes, the coach will be there, too) will be volunteering on site from 5:30 am to 9:30 am to help do some heavy lifting before the race kicks off.

One of the self-assigned tasks I have as their coach is to make sure my young men understand the value of making a positive contribution to their community, both as a team and an individual athlete.  Sometimes the “value of making a positive contribution” means getting up at 5am on a Sunday morning and representing yourself, your team and your school.

Long before our WNST “den mother”, Jenn Aparicio, was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago, this appearance by my Calvert Hall team was on the books with the fine folks from Hopewell.  It now takes on even more significance for me, personally, as Jenn continues her spirited battle with leukemia.  My Calvert Hall team will be sporting their team uniform, so they’ll be easy to identify if you’re at Goucher on Sunday morning to participate in the race.  We look forward to seeing you if you’re there.

Please take a minute to visit the Hopewell RIGHT HERE and learn more about the great work they’re doing in Baltimore and throughout the mid-Atlantic area.