Caps Need to Capitalize

May 11, 2009 |

The Caps need to play better on defense.  Varlamov has been solid all series long except maybe game 4, however he needs some help. 


How in the world can Yanni be such a big draw?  Are there even that many folks of Greek origin in Pittsburg that he would sell out?  I know the NHL isn’t the most popular sport in America but it is certainly the most exciting, much more riveting than whatever Yanni is bringing on a nightly basis.  Also, Dane Cook hasn’t been funny since youtube first burst on the scene so you tell me what the people up the turnpike are thinking.


The key to a victory tonight will be not allowing Pittsburg to screen Varlamov so much.  Varlamov stopped 38 shots in game 5 but still could not come away with the victory.


The Caps will also have to look for their killer instinct having missed opportunities in the last two overtime games to win early only to be bested by the Penguins.


Ovechkin has been carrying the offense with some contributions from Backstrom.  However the other Alexander has been invisible.  Semin needs to step up his game and quick in order for the Caps to gain a more balanced attack.


Brashear should be back for tonight’s game so hopefully he will enforce the crease area a little. 


The Caps came back against NY so hopefully they can do it again.  Mellon Arena is a tough place but hopefully the Caps can force a game 7 where anything can happen. 


No O’s tonight so the Caps will get all of my attention.