Caps Win Force A Game 7

May 12, 2009 |

The Caps come back to force a game 7 with more overtime excitement.  All fans know that game 7 is perhaps the most exciting game of any series because of its do or die nature.


The game is in DC so that helps the cause but then again Gary Bettman and his cronies are very desirous of a Sidney Crosby victory.  If I were a true conspiracy theorist I would have to say the NHL has done everything in its power to ensure this series went to a seventh game.


I am still unsure why the NHL refuses to market Alex Ovechkin as aggressively as they shove Sidney Crosby down our throats.  I think it is a huge mistake not to capitalize on Ovechkin’s outgoing personality.  They would rather try to add artificial spice to Crosby’s lack of charisma.


Semin finally got on the board last night which can only help to increase the confidence of the team.  Secondary scoring has been paramount for the winning teams of each game thus far.


Sergei Gonchar may be back on defense for Pittsburg which can only give them an added boost.  He did insinuate that Ovechkin may have tried to injure him so maybe that will further add fuel to Ovechkin’s fire.


If Varlamov continues his outstanding play I predict a Caps win.  If you are attending the game please be as hard on Pittsburg as you can so the Caps can continue their playoff run.