Shaq Linked to Affair With Arenas’ Fiance

November 18, 2009 |

No other team motivates the Washington Wizards (2-7) quite like the Cleveland Cavaliers (8-3).  After all, Cleveland knocked Washington out of the playoffs multiple times in the last several years.  And who can forget the heated war of words during the playoffs after Wizards DeShawn Stevenson called LeBron James “overrated”?  All of that seems like child’s play with a new log being thrown onto the fire of dislike between the Wizards and the Cavs, but this one was drenched in gasoline.  Rumors have recently surfaced within the last two weeks that Shaquille O’Neal had been having an affair with Gilbert Arenas’ fiancé and mother of his two children, with a third child expected soon.


The emails and text message between Shaq and Laura Govan were leaked and the “hidden affair” has now been made public knowledge leaving Gilbert Arenas looking like anything but “Agent Zero”.  I’ve always thought that special agents are supposed to get the girl, not lose theirs to adultery, but clearly I’ve watched too many James Bond flicks. 


Unfortunately this made for national TV moment when Arenas and O’Neal would meet at center court before tip-off will not happen tonight due to O’Neal expected to miss the game with a shoulder injury.  To bad for ESPN because the drama that would have lead into tonight’s meeting of the two makes Shaq and Kobe Bryant’s reunion at center court on Christmas day in 2004 (after Shaq was traded out of Los Angeles to Miami) look like a gathering of old friends.  Don’t forget that Kobe and Shaq had been quite successful while playing together despite their eventual falling out that later occurred.  In the latest episode of “The Diesel Diaries” there are no memories of Shaq and Gil spraying one another with champagne after winning a championship, this drama is real life…as in, “you slept with my fiancé and mother of my children!!!”


It’s no secret that Shaquille O’Neal has never met a women’s bed he doesn’t find comfortable, with his numerous reports of infidelity to his wife Shaunie.  However Shaq had never before been linked to a fellow NBA player until now.  Unfortunately for Gilbert Arenas he’s the one that these stories are swirling around, not to mention that he’s 6’4” 215 lbs while Shaq is 7’1” 330 lbs.  Clearly things are not going well for Arenas right now and that’s not even discussing the Wizards 6-game losing streak, his turnover issues, or internal team problems he is having with teammate Caron Butler.


I’m not sure if O’Neal will be on the Cavs bench tonight, but it will be interesting to see what if anything happens if he is in DC for the game.  One never knows what is going on in Gilbert Arenas’ head normally, but with all of the drama going on between his fiancé and Shaq, tonight would be the night for that most desirable inside access.  While it sounds like a mid-day soap opera episode, this story is real and I for one can’t wait to tune in at 7pm tonight to see what goes down.  Get the popcorn ready, because this is truly must see TV.