Top 10 Baseball Distractions

October 01, 2013 | Glenn Clark

4. Pro Wrestling: WWE Battleground (Sunday 8pm from Buffalo live on Pay-Per-View); Ring of Honor Wrestling (Saturday 7:30pm Du Burns Arena)

This Big Show/Family Matters meme gave me a chuckle.

3. NHL: Washington Capitals @ Chicago Blackhawks (Tuesday 8pm from Chicago live on NBC Sports Network), Calgary Flames @ Washington Capitals (Thursday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Dallas Stars (Saturday 8pm from Dallas live on Comcast SportsNet)

Or the night when the Caps will get the chance to see the folks who have what they want.

2. College Football: Maryland @ Florida State (Saturday 12pm from Tallahassee, FL live on ESPN); Air Force @ Navy (Saturday 11:30am from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium live on CBS); New Hampshire @ Towson (Saturday 12pm from Unitas Stadium live on Comcast SportsNet); Florida A&M @ Morgan State (Saturday 1pm Hughes Stadium); Widener @ Stevenson (Saturday 1pm Mustang Stadium); Ohio State @ Northwestern (Saturday 8pm from Evanston, IL live on ABC), Washington @ Stanford (Saturday 10:30pm from Palo Alto, CA live on ESPN)

It’s happened before, it’s just never happened in Tallahassee. I would give anything for just one win in Tallahassee IN MY LIFE.

Now I want to allow Yahoo! Sports the chance to set up what happened in Columbus this past Saturday. Before you read this or watch the video, you’ll probably want to get some tissues.

1. NFL: Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins (Sunday 1pm from Miami live on CBS)

First…congratulations to Torrey Smith.

Now, the unfortunate part.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…