Born into Baltimore sports fandom and ready for the spotlight

June 26, 2012 | Mark Brown

As a contributor on the Orioles blog Camden Chat (where I blog under the name “Eat More Esskay”) for the past three seasons, I have already been doing this. For each game, I warm up the audience for the upcoming contest with a blend of informative statistics and entertaining prose as I highlight what may be the key stories of the game. Sometimes, particularly in the midst of a losing streak, when interest in the grim details of losing is low, I appeal more to entertainment with lighthearted offerings such as my poem “We Beat The Texas Rangers” about an unlikely four-game sweep in 2010, or a parody of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” entitled “Chris Tillman.” These and others like them showcase the deep well of creativity upon which I can draw to enhance my content and keep things fresh.

When it is my turn to recap a game, I bring that same style to the task of writing about a given game. The traditional media outlets have the typical game stories well-covered, the story of what happened with a few boilerplate quotes from the players or manager. As a fan writing for an audience of fellow fans, I can paint a bigger and more fan-focused picture: what was it like to watch this game, as a fan, living in each moment? I’ll be sharing some of my favorite posts during the course of this competition so you can see what I have to bring to the sports media table.

Additionally, I have been at the forefront of creating new kinds of content for Orioles fans as I took the initiative to create an Orioles podcast called Camdencast. In this show, which I edit and host along with my friend Andrew Gibson, we have aimed to have an Orioles-focused show that’s equally analytical and entertaining, informing the listeners while also making them laugh. You won’t find anything like it and I am proud to be involved in creating and hosting it.

The shrinking Baltimore sports media is more and more homogenous, but as a life-long Marylander who has lived and breathed the same sports as you for as long as I’ve known what they were, I am prepared to bring you something fresh and different. I’ve already done this through the smaller platform of Camden Chat, and I think I have shown I am ready for a bigger spotlight. I hope that I will have your support as the competition moves along.