Born into Baltimore sports fandom and ready for the spotlight

June 26, 2012 | Mark Brown

As a contributor on the Orioles blog Camden Chat (where I blog under the name “Eat More Esskay”) for the past three seasons, I have already been doing this. For each game, I warm up the audience for the upcoming contest with a blend of informative statistics and entertaining prose as I highlight what may be the key stories of the game. Sometimes, particularly in the midst of a losing streak, when interest in the grim details of losing is low, I appeal more to entertainment with lighthearted offerings such as my poem “We Beat The Texas Rangers” about an unlikely four-game sweep in 2010, or a parody of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” entitled “Chris Tillman.” These and others like them showcase the deep well of creativity upon which I can draw to enhance my content and keep things fresh.

When it is my turn to recap a game, I bring that same style to the task of writing about a given game. The traditional media outlets have the typical game stories well-covered, the story of what happened with a few boilerplate quotes from the players or manager. As a fan writing for an audience of fellow fans, I can paint a bigger and more fan-focused picture: what was it like to watch this game, as a fan, living in each moment? I’ll be sharing some of my favorite posts during the course of this competition so you can see what I have to bring to the sports media table.

Additionally, I have been at the forefront of creating new kinds of content for Orioles fans as I took the initiative to create an Orioles podcast called Camdencast. In this show, which I edit and host along with my friend Andrew Gibson, we have aimed to have an Orioles-focused show that’s equally analytical and entertaining, informing the listeners while also making them laugh. You won’t find anything like it and I am proud to be involved in creating and hosting it.

The shrinking Baltimore sports media is more and more homogenous, but as a life-long Marylander who has lived and breathed the same sports as you for as long as I’ve known what they were, I am prepared to bring you something fresh and different. I’ve already done this through the smaller platform of Camden Chat, and I think I have shown I am ready for a bigger spotlight. I hope that I will have your support as the competition moves along.

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  1. J(O's)elskil Says:

    Well written, a passionate and intelligent fan and one who always has his pulse on the zeitgeist over at Camden Chat. Vote Mark!

  2. Sean Says:

    Check out any of Mark’s material on and you’ll know that he’s not just another Baltimore super-fan that wants to be on the radio. Mark’s understanding of the game of baseball on an analytical level, combined with his enthusiasm for the Orioles allows him to dissect the organization using both his head and his heart. Simply put, I am consistently amazed at how excellent of a writer he is. I do not know how anyone has it in them to be that original and hilarious with such frequency. Listen to any of his Camdencast podcasts and you’ll know that he’s already got the experience and talent to succeed at WNST.

  3. Tess Says:

    Mark is one of the most creative sports writers I’ve ever read. He’s interesting, knowledgeable, and funny. He has my vote!

  4. 33 Says:

    Mark Brown’s writing on Camden Chat is probably the most fun I’ve ever had reading an Orioles writer. A combination of wit and intelligence and the perfect mix of an indefatigable glimmer of hope and wicked satirical bite.

    When I first heard his voice on the podcast, I wondered ‘How is this guy not already on the radio?’

    But he can’t draw with MS Paint worth a durn.

  5. UKH Says:

    Articulate, intelligent, funny. What’s not to like?

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