State of Baltimore Sports Media Fall 2010 Update: continues to grow beyond radio and into web dominance

October 25, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

when it comes to the “mainstream” local media I don’t like them and they REALLY don’t like me (and of course they’ll tell you my audience is so small no one is even reading these words right now but I have evidence that thousands of you will) – the real story here is that EVERYONE needs the Orioles – and the Ravens for that matter — to be good, competitive, strong and well-marketed.

Despite anyone’s silly rumorama about my feelings toward Peter Angelos – all I really care about is getting my baseball team back, for my business and my community — there is NOTHING on earth that would be better for my public and private life and the finances of and our families then if the Orioles became good, relevant, trusted and competitive again.



We’re unsatisfied with “maybe they’ll be .500 next year” for the 14th straight offseason. The stadium is empty. Downtown is empty. And the team continues to rot in the eyes of the community.

Sure Buck Showalter provided “hope” during August and September but how many tickets did that sell? And with an 81-year old obsessed and out-of-touch lawyer now BACK to running every extent of the day-to-day operations of the franchise while practicing law three blocks away do you really give this thing any chance of succeeding?

I don’t. And I’m an optimist by nature. But I’ll be delighted to be wrong as well.

And instead of being a barometer for the overwhelming negative (or non-existent) voice of the population of the city in regard to the Orioles, our greedy corporate competitors and their radio stations and television voices are extorted into muting their opinions